Multiway bridesmaid dresses

Hi :) we've seen multi way dresses we like but they are £125-£250!!! I've seen them online for much cheaper but worry about the quality - has anyone ordered one online and been happy with it? 


  • i got a multiway midi dress from for £20 think they do a maxi for £30 and they are fine! Its just if they will have the colour you need x

  • My cousin has recommended Etsy but will need to confirm the seller. The dresses were about £35 and good quality. Her only criticism was that they are really long but the bridesmaids were mostly petite. There is also David's Bridal - they are a bit cheaper. And also Debenhams have some - pale pink, latte and navy.

  • Hi, I got my bridesmaid dress from Luulla for my sister's wedding. At first, I have doubts as well but my friend got hers there and the quality is definitely exceed our expectations ! You can browse around. Their dresses are quite affordable and some sellers even provide colour and size customisations. 


  • thanks so much everyone. I found one in the Oasis sale for £28 so hoping it iwll be nice!

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