Wedding dress help

My mum was going to make my dress but unfortunately she is not well enough to even think about it.

I have found a lady who has said she will look at the pattern and fabric (which I already have) and give me a quote. 

My question is how much would you expect to pay for a dress made from scratch. I haven't budgeted for this unforeseen situation but I thought about £200.00.


  • It depends what style you are going for? £200 seems very low to me, it is very skilled work. Have you thought about buying a dress from somewhere like Wed2B? They can be cost efficent 

  • I have as meeting tomorrow with the lady.I am considering lost of options at the moment. I appreciate they don't have all their dresses on the wed2b site but I haven't seen anything I like. Cos I had my heart set on a certain dress I'm struggling to get away from it when looking at others.

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    They don't even have a dent of their dresses on their website MrsB to be. 

    Re. the budget, I I would have thought quite a lot more, like 600-800. Maybe less considering you are providing the fabric depending on the style of the dress but they can be quite intricate and time-consuming work if they are very structured and detailed. It would help if you explain the pattern if you would like guidance as to price?

    I have got a quote for a second skirt to add on the my existing dress for half my day and this was £500. For just a skirt.  

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    I agree with the ladies above. 200 seems quite low, even just for labor. Sewing a wedding dress is nothing like sewing a simple pencil skirt or shift dress. It's very labor intensive. I'm also guessing that you are providing just the pattern and fabric, and not the "notions" as they call them (thread, bias tape, liner fabric, zippers, etc). This stuff alone -without beading or lace - can add a 100 easily to a project this size.

    Unless she is family/ friend and intends to gift you with part of the value of her labor, I would say you will be looking at 500 and up depending on the complexity of the design.

  • I would agree with the others as well, 200 is really low..... you are paying for their skills and also the time it takes, i would of thought at least 1,000 to be honest as its a unique piece as well.

  • She is a lady I used to work with who started her own wedding dress and accessories company. The dress is quite simple, think Kate Middleton but tweeked. My mum didn't get a chance to get the zips, buttons etc before she was taken ill. I do a bit of dress making my self (historical costume) so I do have an idea of what is involved.
  • £250.00 because I have provided the fabric and pattern.

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