Sexyher bridesmaid dresses

Hi girls,

I was wondering if any of you have used Sexyher for your bridesmaid dresses? They had a stand at the National Wedding show yesterday so they can't be that dodgy, right? It does look like the dresses come from China, but they have an actual store where you can try them on and check the sizing and quality. The dresses they had at the wedding show were pretty nice- not amazing but definitely not falling apart or anything.

I can't get my bridesmaid dresses on the high street due to colour requirements from my side and size requirements from my maids side- but the custom made maids dresses from bridal stores are about £300. The ones from Sexyher were about £50-60! I know they won't wear the dress again so it only has to look good for one day- so does anyone have any experience?


  • One of the girls at work was a bridesmaid and they got their dresses from sexyher, they looked beautiful and all of the girls were of different sizes and they all looked lovely. i am tempted to go to them if I can't find anything in my price range elsewhere x

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