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help please!

has anybody used either or

i have found lovelllllly dresses on there but just not sure about them reviews are very mixed. tbh i never really go by reviews but i am ordering 10 dresses so its a big deal.


or if anyone can help me find this style dress




  • Angelamay87Angelamay87 Posts: 153

    That's a lovely dress :) have you tried coast? I found something quite similar but it didn't have the dimante belt and it was by ghost

    What kind of price are you looking for per dress? x 

  • HiImMrsM2bHiImMrsM2b Posts: 160 New bride

    I haven't heard anything about them. The dress is lovely but agree with the above comment - for that price you can probably find something on the high street (ASOS, Debenhams, Coast, House of Fraser, Chi Chi, TFNC to name a few)

    I have two friends who have used and the dresses looked so much more expensive than the £80 they paid for the dresses. 

    Hope this helps!

  • Olivia888Olivia888 Posts: 13

    Hi Fran, the photos of the dress on the link you provided are by TRUE BRIDE. My bridesmaids tried on this exact dress at my local bridal store, and the price was about 250 a dress!!! So the fact that they are so 'cheap' compared on that website would make me wonder! But maybe it is a bargain you have found!

    Although I have to say I LOVED this dress in this photo but when my bridesmaids went to the store to actually try them on I was a bit underwhelmed with them to be honest. Didn't think they looked the best quality (especially when my bridal store was charging 250 per dress!)

    But everyone is different, you might love them! Good luck whatever you decide, but be careful with those websites, make sure you read the terms and conditions because if you are not happy with the dresses some of those websits only give you a certain percentage of your refund back to you, if even any refund at all!


    Good luck with the bridesmaid dress hunt, it was the hardest part of my wedding planning so far ha!


  • Olivia888Olivia888 Posts: 13 This is the link to the designer that provides this bridesmaid dress, so  you could check for local stockists and have your bridesmaids try them on before you order from that website!!

  • fran21fran21 Posts: 77 New bride

    thank you for all your replys.

    i will definitly do my research!

    i spoke to the people at DIYdress and they are offering 10%discount and free made to measure.

    unsure on what to do. it has taken us ages to find a dress that everyone likes!! 

    thanks again x

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