Which red shoes with tea length dress?

Hi everyone!

I really love these shoes, but the heel is very small (under 2 inches). Do people think this will suit the dress, or will it look strange? http://vintagegaleria.com/collections/shoes/products/b-a-i-t-ione-red-low-heel-t-strap-pump

Alternatively, I also love these, but I worry they will hurt my feet..would definitely need to change into flats for the reception. They will also make me taller than my hubby to be:


Any thoughts?!





  • Amber23Amber23 Posts: 69



    I much prefer the second ones but as someone who never wears heels herself (short hubby to be) I understand your worries about your feet hurting.


    I have bought flats for my wedding but I'm wearing a long dress so it doesn't matter what they look like as much.


    Is it possible to order both pairs and see how comfortable they are?

  • Marija2Marija2 Posts: 362

    Get both! Higher ones for the first part of the day and first pair for the party time :)

  • rachietownrachietown Posts: 125

    Wow I love them both and think they would both look fab with your dress.

    I agree with Marija2 if you can then you should get both and change them in the evening.

    I love your dress!

  • Thanks guys!

    I've bought the smaller heeled ones....just couldn't afford both, already bought one pair that didn't match my dress! I also wasn't sure about the red on the higher heels, looked a bit orange and worried it wouldn't match my petticoat very well.

    If they don't work, I'll just keep them for myself and continue the search.

    Thanks again for the feedback. :)

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