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Hi all,

I know this has come up before, but styles & what's available change all the time, so please humour me.  

I am looking for a hair ornament, preferably a tie-able headband kind, something VERY simple, and I just can't find one that's not costing literally hundreds! I'd love to find something that I could maybe even wear again (but to me, that still doesn't justify spending hundreds).

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This is the closest thing I've found to what I have in mind, but I really don't like the little crystals (I think these look weird/ cheap). This can be made in gold/rose gold which is the colour I'd like, and it also comes with ribbons to tie it on. 

I don't want to do a headband because it seems no matter which I try they all hurt my head. And I have really, really thin hair so a slide or a comb is out of the question.

Has anyone seem any simple hair pieces in this style that don't cost a fortune?


  • Hi Kitten,

    I'm eyeing this one up They have a lot on there so something might appeal on there? The only thing for me is it comes from Canada so not sure when to order it if I do go for it xx

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    My hair vine is from PowerBlueBijoux, which is the shop MrsH linked to above. I love it, it's beautiful. I have no issues at all with the quality and shipping time, and it cost 1/4 of similar vines elsewhere. I wasn't charged customs fees but I understand than you can be charged these on delivery.

    Most designs are a little more elaborate than what you are looking for, but I bet they could make you a custom order.

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    Hi kitten 

    I don't know where you are based but I've gone to a lady who makes them herself. Her website company is dilly Dally Designs. I met up with her discussed my ideas and chose my beads and things. Its all on a wire and then the hairdresser will just use kirby grips to secure it in place. She was really reasonable i found. Mines a lot bigger than the one in your photo and is costing £82 so i imagine yours would be cheaper than that. I collect it tonight. 

  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    Thank you ladies, I will check these options out. I think going the customised route is the thing to do for me - I want something pretty and noticeable enough that it doesn't look like lint/fuzz in my hair (!) but not too OTT!

  • Ooo Sammykate, which one did you get? My aunt is buying my hair vine and don't really want her to waste money and it be awful 

  • KerryL82KerryL82 Posts: 97

    Hi Kitten,

    There are some on Etsy that may be right for you? vine gold&ref=sr_gallery_18

    <img src="

  • KerryL82KerryL82 Posts: 97

    Darn my first attempt didn't work !





  • Beet13Beet13 Posts: 68

    Etsy is definitely the way forward! I love the designs by VH Bridal ( and I'm planning on ordering a side tiara from her. You'll probably find the people on Etsy are able to customise their designs to your specifications too so you can get the colour you want.

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,801 New bride

    Kerry that one is gorgeous! I love the ribbon

    MrsH I can't look it up in the store as they seem to be temporarily closed, but I got this one in silver:



    It came within a couple of weeks and it's gorgeous- it was a bit of a risk to order silver when the pic was in rose gold but it's lovely. (I loved the rose gold but it didn't match the rest of my jewellery). Don't worry, her money won't be wasted! They are as nice as they appear in the pictures!

  • Ah wonderful! Thank you so much. the back on my dress is an illusion one so didn't want a clip or slide at the back to take away from that. 

  • ChucklesChuckles Posts: 163

    Picked up my hair vine yesterday and love it, just thought I'd share. Might be a bit over the top compared to what you are after, but I'm sure she could do something simpler.





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