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Struggling to find bridesmaid dresses

I've been looking for bridesmaid dresses in an eggplant/grape kind of colour. The highstreet is not selling this colour at the moment as apparently it is a winter colour! 

I've got 4 bridesmaids and so getting them from wedding shops is expensive. Found lots I like online but when look into websites they seem to be a bit dodgy from reviews I read. (Aisle style and diy dress). Queenie dress seems to get good reviews but not got exact dress I was after on others. Does anyone have experience with any of these websites? Or can you suggest where I may go, online or in shops.

Thanks. Kath


  • Have you tried Debanhams? I saw a few in the shop the other day in a similar colour xx

  • I bought my bridesmaid dresses from diy. Pleasantly surprised really good quality and sizing- plus brill price! xx

  • Samantha86Samantha86 Posts: 210

    maybe you can check on dessy, wallao, or ebay.

    thats manu good stuff, dresses and accessories

  • MrsLjCMrsLjC Posts: 1,232 New bride

    I was in the same boat as you trying to find an autumnal red in high street shops was driving me nuts.

    In the end I got them from a bridal shop that stocks For Her and For Him at good prices. They sell online too 

    I don't know what your budget is but as I was buying for I got a discount so got them for about £96 each! (£100 was my absolute max)

    Before this I was planning on changing my colours as asos had lovely navy ones for £45 each x 

  • Have you tried You type in what you are looking for and it finds all the online shops that sell items that matching your query


  • GemelliGemelli Posts: 110

    I got mine from coast and I still think they're doing that colour! Lori dresses

  • Linda65Linda65 Posts: 3

    I too am struggling to find bridesmaid dresses I want silver and all my girls are quite different shapes but would really like them in the same dress, I can't find any silver dresses that don't cost a small fortune or aren't made in China x

  • Mrs NeekMrs Neek Posts: 445 New bride

    Try ASOS they have just brought out a bridal section including bridesmaid dresses 

  • al28al28 Posts: 41 New bride

    Coast bridesmaids usually keep all the colours in... also Asos bridesmaids are great!!! 

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