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Hi all!

This seemed like the best place to post this as I'm hoping someone will have first hand experience.

I received a ring for my 30th birthday four years ago from a jewellers in Warwick. Since then, two stones have fallen out of it :(

The first one I lost I had replaced with a cheaper alternative as I couldn't afford a perfect replacement.

I have now lost another stone and have been told by my local jeweller that it will cost £45 to fix (This is about half of what the ring actually cost)

So, does anyone have any experience with cheaper ring repair, either online or in shops? I don't want to spend a fortune so I don't mind having cheaper stones used, I just want to be able to wear it again.

Thanks in advance!


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    Not sure how helpful I can be but I have had a couple of rings repaired recently.. Have you hopped around a bit? I found the jewellers that dealt with antiques/second hand jewellery were much more reasonable when quoting for a repair price than any of the larger independents or chains..

    Also, do you have anything else that needs a clean/repair/service? Usually cheaper to get a few things done at once (obviously only if you have the need!)

    If the ring is likely to stay with you for a lot of years, and its something you want to keep as a special item, would it be worth splashing out a little more for the repair just to give you some peace of mind about it lasting? I had a very delicate sapphire and diamond ring repaired after a stone fell out (luckily I found the stone!), and the repair cost about half of the ring, but for sentimental reasons I thought it was worth it to preserve it for a good few years!

  • Thank you for your advice. The problem I have with paying for an expensive repair is what if I lose another stone? I'm not fussed about having a pricey ring on my finger, it means more to me as a birthday gift from two of my best friends.

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    Could they look at strengthening the settings for the other stones? I guess it depends on the reason that the stones keep coming loose, with mine it was just due to wear because it was quite an old ring, but maybe there's something they can do?

  • Thanks MC98, that has been a worry for me. I was really careful with the ring - took it off when washing my hands or showering - so the fact that I've lost two stones is concerning.

    I think I'm going to try contacting a jewellery maker who can give me some advice on what to do. Maybe they could remove the remaining stones and put them in a new ring with better settings?

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