Two shops in one day, or not?

Hello, new here :) 

So a little background first, I dont belive in "the one" in terms of my wedding dress (I do in terms of my fiancee haha) 

I live about two hours from the rest of my family and my mum and MIL to be are travelling down on Tuesday to look at wedding dresses with me. I have tried on LOADS of dresses. My wedding is not until next September, but personally I feel ready to choose. I think the longer I wait, the more I'll try and therefore the harder my choice will be. We are already all losing track of whats what.

I just visited a shop on Thursday, there were two dresses I loved, one I liked more but it was a little out of budget. I have booked an appointment to go back with my mum next week. 

Now my dilemma is, there is another shop that I have been to here and I don't know whether to book an appointment there as well. There are two more dresses there I loved, one significantly under budget (Big plus). I'm worried if I book an appointment there on the same day I will lose my will to buy a dress that day at all. 

Does anyone have any advice?



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    I was a little like you, I didn't want to try too many in one day as I didn't want to get too confused and end up stressed when it should be exciting.

    I had shopping days where I literally didn't find anything! but I gave up and didn't keep trying till I found something I liked, I just put it down to a bad day etc.

    However, I ended up finding 2 dresses I loved in different shops and the ladies in the shop recommended that I try them in the same day so I made 2 appointments and had to travel to and from to make my decision!

    I think seeing as they are travelling to you, you should deffo make it a day out and go to both places and try on all of the dresses you love while you have them with you! xxxx

  • Thanks for the reply :) 

    Youre probably right, so on the day you bought your dress did you go to more than one shop? If so did you just return to the shop your dress was in?

    Or did you take some time to decide and make another appointment later on? 

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    well, here's the thing, I didn't actually buy either of the dresses I originally loved! but yes, my plan was that I had narrowed it down to the 2 but both in different shops, I was going to take my mum, auntie and sister with me to see both in the same day so that the dresses were very fresh in mind, then go away and make my decision and go back to which ever shop the following weekend to actually buy as I wanted time to be totally sure!

    So we did that, and in the week me, my mum and auntie went to a shop for bridesmaid inspiration, not at all for wedding dress shopping, I was adamant that I didn't even want to look at another dress and I was sure it was between the 2, but when we got to the place there was nothing there for the bridesmaids so my auntie pleaded that I try on a dress that she had always imagined me to wear (the dresses I had chosen weren't what she had imagined me to pick) after a while I caved and tried it on to keep her happy, and I kid you not.....that was the one! it is absolutely nothing to what I imagined, in fact when my auntie showed me it I turned my nose up and walked away from it!

    everyone was in tears when I walked out in it and I took my sister along to see it and she cried too and she didn't at the original 2, I made my mind up there and then and I am so happy, when you know you know....and I didn't believe in 'the one' either (dress related lol) xx


  • Definitely go to both shops. I did the exact same thing with a friend when she was buying her dress. She'd tried them on on different days then made back to back appointments to see each one, both shops were really supportive and said that a lot of people do it. She bought her dress from the first of the 2 shops and they didn't mind at all that we went back, it just helps to reinforce your feelings about the dress. 


    Good luck and keep us updated if you 'say yes to the dress!'

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