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Found 'the dress' is it normal to have doubts...

I have found 'the dress' not what I thought I would go for. I feel amazing when I have had it on! i haven't got a picture of it as I don't want to keep looking at it and getting bored. Is it normal to doubt the dress though?  keep thinking is it really the one and will I be ok with it on the day, as it's a princess style dress (not ridiculously huge though lol) 


  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    Hi Amy,

    Yes it is totally normal! 99% of us will tell you the same. Whenever you doubt, go back to that moment when you chose it to reassure yourself. It is such a big decision!

    I get to try my dress on again in a few weeks. It has been a painful nine months as I have had so many questions about it running through my mind! Need to see it again now 😂 x

  • Amy131Amy131 Posts: 52

    It's horrible isn't it! Iv tried it on 3 times and loved it every time, I'm waiting for it to be made now until I can try it on again Aahhhh. I'm glad I'm not the only one and it is normal! Thank you 

  • Beet13Beet13 Posts: 68

    I had these doubts too for weeks and then I googled it and there are so many people asking the same question. It made me feel sooooo much better when they all said that once they received their dresses and had them altered to fit they were totally in love with it again.

  • Tilly 21Tilly 21 Posts: 13

    Completely yes! I picked my dress after trying many! I then bought my gorgeous dress and still didn't think I'd found the one to the point I bought two more after this.... needless to say the dress I picked was the right one and my nerves had just taken over! (Was also left with two dresses to sell) ....😂. I think the time from choosing to delivery is so long with such an amount of choice out there these feelings are completely normal xx

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