Size 12 to size 6?

Hi there,

I ended up buying a discount wedding dress... only problem it is a size 12, and I am about a size 6-8.... eek! I ended up buying it because 1) I absolutely loved it and 2) the shop owner said that her recommended seamstress could easily adjust it to fit. But now I wonder if she was just saying that to get a sale! 

Any advice would be appreciated. 

The style of the dress is here:




  • MrsT-to-beMrsT-to-be Posts: 113

    I was always told that a dress can only really be altered by 2 sizes otherwise it looses it's shape. However, wedding dress sizing is odd anyway- I normally wear an 8 in 'every day' clothes but my dress is a 12 and didn't need much altering. 

    If the shop owner says it can be altered to fit you I would trust her BUT I would get it in writing so if her seamstress says that it can't, you have some comeback on her for pushing the sale

    It's a beautiful dress x

  • MrsCakefaceMrsCakeface Posts: 181

    Hi, firstly that dress is beautiful!! 

    I'm doing a similar thing to you, and the seamstress that's altering my dress says it won't be a problem to size it down that much (I've seen pictures of a dress she'd altered down 10 sizes!) so i definitely wouldn't worry about it!

    I'd definitely get in touch with the seamstress directly to talk to her about it though.


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Did you buy the dress from Aliexpress/another website or have you bought it from an actual bridal shop?


  • Leanne97Leanne97 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the replies! I am feeling a lot more confident now, and will aim to visit the seamstress asap to make sure. 

    Yes it was bought from an actual bridal store. Unfortunately they only had it in a size 12 and couldn't order any more in, but I absolutely loved it. 

  • Hannah218Hannah218 Posts: 39

    I'm sure the bridal shop weren't trying to push you for a sale - they've got a reputation to upkeep! I bought my wedding dress in a sample sale and it was a size 14...I've now had it taken in to fit me (I'm about a 6/8 with a really small back!) and it looks amazing! 

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