how tight?

So i went and tried my wedding dress on yesterday as i bought it 17 months ago as i feel like i have put on weight. I went and it fitted although it was tight but not uncomfortable tight but i didn’t try and sit down (so stupid)

the thing is i want it to be abit tight to hold me in i have a fishtail dress as i have a tiny waist and HUGE hips aha. Is it normal for this type of dress to be abit tight??

also this was the sample dress i tried on and I’m extremely worried as some people say sample dresses stretch??? My dress has been ordered as the sample size (14) and I’m worried that it might be even tighter if the sample dresses stretch??

Please help. The girls at the wedding shop say everyone has all different some people so they can’t breathe some so it’s loose etc... and advice would be truly appreciated 


  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride

    I get what you mean about wanting it to be tight, but don't forget that you do also need to be comfortable as you will have it on a long time.  The best you can do is wait for YOUR dress to come in and see how it fits then.  If it is too tight they may be able to let it out slightly, or you could even go for an inch loss wrap the day before the wedding 

    You'll also have a better idea when it comes to alterations.  I remember being stood in my dress for ages (at least half an hour) whilst it was pinned etc.  If you are uncomfortable after this amount of time, then yes it's probably too tight x

  • Maybe speak to your seamstress about having it concerted to a corset back? That will emphasise your curves and gives you flexibility through out the day to make sure you are comfortable. It helps to be let our to sit down too!

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