bright bridesmaid dresses - too much?

I bought some bright purple bridesmaid dresses after looking at what felt like millions! I want all my bridesmaids to wear the same thing ideally and thought this dress would be flattering on all of them.


I'm now having second thoughts about how bright and shiny they are as I never see any weddings with dresses like these, pastels and neutrals seem much more popular! Is anyone else having a bright dress? And what kind of bouquets would match.. ?? I'm thinking maybe muted purples pinks and creams as want a vintage glamourous look but don't want it to look a total mess and find it hard to imagine how it will look when not basing on any wedding I have seen !


These are the dresses,default,pd.html


  • imageThis is my dress too so I think it goes with bridesmaids dresses but would love a second opinion.. had too long to think about everything and now getting the dreaded dress doubts! Its a sample so still needs a lot of fitting! 

  • MrsT-to-beMrsT-to-be Posts: 113

    Those dresses are beautiful and will look great next to your dress. Just because it's all neutrals and pastels 'in season' at the moment, these things go round in phases so you shouldn't worry about having what you love. I'm having bright coral for my bridesmaid because it's what I want and know I'll still love it when looking back at the photos in 20/40 years.

    Have a look on Pinterest for ideas for flowers- there's pics for every kind of dress/colour/flower you could ever imagine


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