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I have just received a call to say  my dress has arrived and to make an appointment to go try it on and pay the balance. She said that I have to go in within 7 days to check the dress over and pay. Whilst I was on the phone she said that we would need to do a fitting at the same time. 

The shop only does fittings on weekdays between 9-5 and I can't get time off work in the  next few days so I've made an appointment to try the dress on Saturday morning and she said that we would book a fitting at that time. Just wondering when I should book the fitting for? I don't get married until August, I thought a fitting would be about 4 weeks before not 4 months! I'm not really planning any major weight loss but I wouldn't mind shifting a few lbs! Is it normal to have a fitting so far in advance of the wedding? I don't want to have to pay to have the dress altered twice! 


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    Hi Sara,

    I'm having my dress fitted two months in advance of my wedding. My boutique specifically told me to book in for May for a July wedding, but despite me giving them a whole week plus three weekends in May to choose from, they could only do one date! 

    It is a shame that your dress shop aren't being more flexible with fittings though. Mine is happening on a Saturday. That said, if you aren't planning to lose much weight (I'm the same as you and intending to just shift a few lbs!), I guess you shouldn't get too hung up on needing multiple alterations. Every bride must have this dilemma and there will be a point when everyone has to stop! x

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    When my dress arrived in the shop I went in to check it over and pay the balance and to have a 'fitting' but it was just the shop assistant saying what she would assume I would need altering. 

    I get married sat 7 May and I had my fitting with the seamstress on sat 9 Apr. So just a month before. A lot of places say go to the seamstress for final alterations between 4-6 weeks before your wedding date but obv book the date a good few months before. 

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    Thanks for the responses girls. I was surprised that they don't do fittings on a weekend. They told me the seamstresses only work during the week.

    I have a couple of days annual leave booked at the start of June so I will try and get in then for a fitting. I'm hoping it is not going to need any major alterations anyway just the straps adjusted and the length will need taking up. Even if I do manage to shed a few lbs it shouldn't make too much difference. I will have a better idea after I try the dress on on Saturday. 

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