The dress?

I loved this dress when I tried it on, in fact wearing it made me cry with happiness, so I was pretty sure I had chosen the right one. It is simple and elegant which is what I wanted. However, when my mum saw it she was less than keen, saying that it was a bit plain and did I not want something more sparkly.....

What do other people think of this dress? I would love some honest thoughts as I am now having serious second thoughts! I would have the belt with it.



  • MrsCallowMrsCallow Posts: 348

    I think it´s beautiful! As long as YOU love it, that´s the main thing! So many other people have so many opinions, go with what you love :) I love the belt and the shape of it x

  • I think it is stunning! I love the elegant look <3 If you love it, then that's all that matters.

    And, if you are concerned about sparkles, there is nothing stopping you from having a sparkly bracelet and earrings :)

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    This is beautiful!!!! totally stunning!! so elegant and classic xx

  • Marija2Marija2 Posts: 362

    Ahh it's gorgeous! I think the belt finishes it really well, and don't think it's plain at all - you should see my dress!! :D 

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215

    That's a gorgeous dress and by no means "plain".  The belt adds a bit of glitz without it being OTT.  It's very elegant and will stand the test of time when you look back at your photos in years to come.  If you love it, that's the main thing, you're the one wearing all day and you need to love it and feel amazing in it.

  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    I agree with everyone above.

    Its not plain & its lovely x

  • Thank you ladies. I do love it, but you know what it's like when you hear a negative comment and it is then all you can hear!!

    I should be used to it as she has also been negative about the favours, the food, the venue, the bridesmaid's shoes, the colour scheme, the bunting and some of the guests!! Then she turns round the next day and thinks they are great! There is such a thing as Mumzilla right??!

  • Ah, a NegativeNora! Best to sing a happy song in your head whenever they start speaking. It will keep you smiling no matter what they say :)

  • MissNdMissNd Posts: 120

    I think it's beautiful!  I truly believe less is more and this is so elegant. My mum also had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I wanted to be really simple,  she keeps trying to make me wear blingy bangles and massive diamanté earrings as the usual Asian bride would!! 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,356 New bride

    It's a lovely classic dress, and the belt adds a bit of sparkle! It looks to me like an ageless dress- your wedding photos won't look dated even 20 years later as I don't think it will ever go out of style!

    I think mum's often have a clear picture in their head of their daughter getting married, and in your mums case it might involve you in a giant sparkly princess dress- without her actually considering if you would want that! The way you have described her- disliking all your choices and then changing her mind- says to me that maybe she has a vision of your whole wedding in her mind, and your choices keep disagreeing with it. So whenever you choose something different she objects at first, but then realises she does like it and comes round.

    Go for the dress- if it made you cry then it's the one!

  • Marija2Marija2 Posts: 362

    SouthWestBride I think there is! I love my mom to bits, but she was coming up with some funny stuff about our wedding! She was hinting that we should get married for ages, and once we got engaged she was like: why are you doing it, it's a waste of money... She then said we should just go abroad and do it just the two of us. After about 5 minutes I mentioned it and she went mental saying how big of a deal it is, and we can't runaway and do it without family... 

    After that I had a chat with my brother, and he said it was exactly the same for them. So I took a new approach and would just tell her: this is what we are doing, this is the dress, this is this, this is that. And so far didn't hear anything negative! I know she will love the day, and she doesn't mean anything bad, she just over think things and that's the way she is. 

  • Hi south west, I'm a south west bride to, where bouts are you getting married? I love you dress I am also having something simple and elegant it's the Pronovias Tatiana dress. I thought it may be to simple and always thought I wanted lace, I even went back to the shop on my own to try it on again and every time I felt amazing in it and just knew I loved it. Go with your gut feeling, it's YOUR day :-) 

  • We're getting married on Dartmoor, Devon. You?


  • Gorgeous, classic, elegant and beautiful! You have to go with what you love. There is nothing not to love about this dress.

    My dress has no bling at all, it's just not me. People probably think it's really plain, and I don't have much jewellery either. But, I really love it and the finished look and thats all that matters. I don't care what other people think.

    You chose that dress for a reason, dont doubt yourself. It's gorgeous! 

  • JdotJJdotJ Posts: 196 New bride

    Gorgeous, love it with the belt as well.


  • It looks beautiful, definitely with the belt. X

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,646 New bride

    Your dress is similar to mine especially the top bit. Apparently not many women can get away with wearing a racer back top so they don't design too many wedding dresses with it. It was the only type that suited me though! 

    Yours is lovely with the belt. No need for lots of bling!

  • Maria60Maria60 Posts: 113

    I think you can add it with bright accessorises and it will be absolutely gorgeous!)

  • Love love love it! And what's important is how you feel in the dress!! <3

  • emily209emily209 Posts: 3

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