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Experimenting With Different Bang Styles

If you want an easy, low-maintenance way to update your style, be inspired by the latest celeb trend and old favorite: get bangs! The great news is that bangs are not only the perfect option to get stylish but they are versatile so you can try new looks beautifully framing the face. It's also guaranteed to knock years off!


The most in trend of all the looks are the heavy, blunt bangs, instantly updating a simple medium long hairdo. This type of bangs can suit a wide range of face shapes, and can be chosen from a variety of blunt fringes hair style deals. The secret is in altering the width and depth to suit the individuals' bone structure and hair type. For the best results ask your stylist for wide, blunt bangs that fall on your brow line when it's dry.

How to Style Them Yourself?

Section the sides back, take the first inch of the bang, and then clip the rest back. Blow-dry the inch section straight down and then work backwards until you run out of bangs. Finally, use flat-iron over the ends in a downward motion and finish with hairspray or light shine spray.

Tip: Dry your bangs while they are absolutely wet and always use your fingers to avoid any wayward growth patterns spoiling the shape.


Fine hair types can get away with long wispy, feathery bangs. This type of bangs suit women with oval faces or those with larger foreheads who want to soften their features and emphasize their eyes. Ask your stylist for eye-skimming softly layered bangs, but avoid any mention of blunt, heavy bangs.

How to Style Them Yourself?

Apply smoothing serum to the bangs area and volumizing spray through the root area and longer lengths. Blast dry with hairdryer using your fingers to create volume in the root area. Finally, use either a paddle or a large round bristle brush to tame the longer lengths.

Tip: Remember not to overwork bangs. Keep it as natural as possible and hold them in place with a quick mist of your favorite hair spray.


This bang would suit women with square faces or with strong jaw lines. It's not really for the shy and retiring! For best results, ask your stylist for soft, textured, sweeping bangs. Make sure you emphasize you want dramatic, heavy bangs, and you don't want them wispy and thin.

How to Style Them Yourself?

This is a great "blow and go" style. Just pull the bangs forward while blow drying, and then place over to one side and add a quick mist of strong hold hair spray and you are good to go!


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