Where can I get shapewear with poppers??

Where can I get shapewear with poppers so I can go to the toilet easily??? Also is it really worth wearing shapewear under a corseted dress? I am mostly bothered about my thighs rubbing together as that always happens, I normally wear leggings under dresses to stop it.


My real worst place is my arms :( but can't get shapewear for those!


  • HiImMrsM2bHiImMrsM2b Posts: 160 New bride

    Hi Nicola186

    I got some from M&S but you probably won't need it if your dress is corseted.

    Do you have sleeves on your dress because I have seen some 'Spanx-type' sleeves to wear under dresses.

  • Nicola186Nicola186 Posts: 122

    it's more to stop my legs rubbing together to be honest! No my dress is strapless :(

  • When my sister got married she was keen to wear shapewear to hold herself in... but she bought herself one without poppers which would have been a nightmare to go to the loo in. So given that I was MOH and realised I would have the job of helping her all the time(!) I decided to get creative. I bought a little strip of poppers from a sewing shop, chopped open her shapewear and sewed the poppers in. Took 5 minutes and made my sister's (and mine!) life much easier on the day 

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