Hair fascinators (?)

Think thats how you spell it! I've bought a jewelled comb that has lots of feathery bits and a silk rose attached to it to wear instead of a hat to a wedding i'm going to. Have played around but still can't get it to look right on my head! any advice would be greatly appreciated as it's driving me mad! Been trying for over an hour now... I have Straight hair which I'm wearing down that is just past my shoulders. It's very thick so don't know if thats anything to do with it. Thanks xx


  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Hi Jules, I wore a fascinator to a friend's wedding a month ago, it was on a comb and i found the easiest way to wear it (that looked good and was comfortable) was slightly to the side. I have long straight hair, parted on the side, oh god not sure how to explain this so it might not make sense but here goes - I just took a small section of hair from the middle at the front of my head (kind of next to my parting), twisted it once so it was kind of off my face but instead of putting a hair clip in to keep it back, i pushed the comb (fascinator) in (from back to front) and it was fine. it took me a few goes to get it "bang on" but it lasted all day and night withough feeling uncomfortable. I hope at least some of that makes a bit of sense!!!!!! good luck, just keep with it. x
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