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Has anyone ordered from

I found a dress on d-daydress that I really love ( I asked for photos and the vendor sent me additional pictures of what looked like the real item. Has anyone had luck ordering from this website before?



  • MrsDee7MrsDee7 Posts: 272 New bride

    I haven't but it looks like a lovely dress! Are there any reviews about them online? Might be worth checking and I'd take a look at their returns policy too. 

  • LonaLona Posts: 2

    I think the site is still pretty new, but thanks for the suggestions! :)

  • MrsDee7MrsDee7 Posts: 272 New bride

    You're welcome, good luck :) 

  • Amazing lace dresses!

  • Bumping this back up, to see if anyone has used this site at all. Is it another china dress site. I have tried googling but cant find out if they are or not. The review links don't work and there are only a handful of bridal pictures at the bottom. There are a few online reviews but the numbers are so low, I think they may have been generated by the seller.

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