Wedding dress shopping in Cambridge- where would you recommend?

hi girls!

i'm planning a day out in Cambridge just for dress shopping... Hoping to visit 3 or 4 boutiques in the day and wondered where people had the best experience?? 

I like the look of the Tailor's Cat although there's more than one appointment going on you get your own room and it has good reviews but where else?! 



  • I've got my dress from the Tailor's Cat, they have been great. I'm not local to Cambridge so can't help with any other shops, I only went there because it was the only store that had the dress I wanted. I had my first fitting yesterday and other people being there was no problem at all, as the rooms are all private I didn't see anyone. 

  • Ah thanks for that Donna, great to hear you had a good experience there and exciting that you've found your dress!!... I've only been to one dress shop so far but that was in my home town and so I know they had great reviews! When you hear some places and how terrible they are it can be a bit daunting... I'm about 20 minutes from Cambridge on the train and we just wanted a proper girls day out and making sure we visit lovely shops is definitely key XD 

  • Hi all,


    I just wanted to share my experience of dress shopping in Cambridge, which might be helpful for anyone looking for shops in that area J


    I went to three shops on Saturday… Mia Sposa Bridal, The Tailors Cat and Burr Bridal. All three are in Cambridge, the first just a 5 minute walk from the station, and the second two are both in the town centre.


    Appointment number 1 was Mia Sposa – lovely email communication to make the appointment and flexible on times. Also called me the day before to confirm my appointment which was nice. The shop is fairly small and the lady who dealt with us was very friendly… tea and coffee offered (very welcome for mum and aunt after a bottle of Prosecco on the way there in the morning haha J) and a lovely selection of dresses. There were two appointments going on at same time but it didn’t bother me despite us all being in the same room… might be awkward depending on the other group there but for us it was nice as we were all sharing opinions lol =] Both had our own consultant so still had your personal appointment. My consultant here was by far my favourite of the day, so helpful and she just kept pulling dresses and really listened to what I wanted and our thoughts on each dress. She was so great =] and didn’t feel any pressure at all, despite loving the very first dress which I tried on (which I actually ended up buying at the end of the day eeeeepppp)


    Appointment 2 – The Tailors Cat. Booking was easy, did this online and then had to call up to pay a £20 deposit for Saturday appintment over the phone. Understand why they do this and you get it refunded in cash on the day but a little bit inconvenient. The shop is huge and loks very impressive, wide range of gowns and lots of private rooms so although you browse when theres many other girls looking, you have a huge private room for trying on which was great. Had option of tea/coffee or some pink fizz (was obviously pink fizz time here!) which was nice. Let down slightly here by the consultant, she didn’t make any effort to find other dresses which might suit me, simply pulled the ones which I had ‘tagged’ whilst looking, we tried them on, she didn’t offer any thoughts or opinions and just kept coming in and out to put dresses back on the rails :S All a bit odd and we definitely didn’t warm to her… she didn’t seem enthusiastic about the wedding and all felt a bit conveyor-belt ish! Might just be that consultant so wouldn’t like to say the shop is terrible and they do have a lovely range of dresses, by far the widest selection of any three shops, but we just were made to feel a bit uncomfortable.


    Appointment 3 – Burr Bridal. Easy to book, again did this via email – they had set appointment times so were slightly less flexible and had to call to give my card details for them to keep on record to take £20 if we didn’t turn up on the day… better this way as no money actually left my account =] Only applies to Saturday appointments I think! As we were last appointment of the day they were running late and unfortunately they have no ‘waiting area’ so we were stood up for an hour just waiting (we turned up half hour early and the appointment was half hour late)… they were still friendly and kept checking we were okay but it was a bit long and shame theres no seats for people to wait! Smallest selection of dresses of the three shops and also found them to be pricier than the others we had seen during the day. The consultant was lovely though, she was really helpful and interested in the day… I found my second favourite dress here and was really torn… I’ve got to say huge

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