Dress Sizes... which to order?!?!

Okay s my dress is being ordered tomorrow which means I have 24 hours to make a decision on which size I want them to get for me... and I'm stuck! Help please lol... 



My current measurements... 

Bust 40.4” 

Wasit 34” 

Hip – 46.8 (but as dress is A line have been told I can afford to go down at least one size)


My dilemma is because I have already lost 5 stone and target is to lose 2 more... I know I will do this its not just a random urge to lose weight, its a lifestyle now and I am still continually losing 1/2lbs a week, so no stress to lose it! 


In store, I tried on a size 14 and it almost did up, but the shop have mentioned that as it is a sample that has been tried, they do stretch over time so the brand new dress will not have the same give in the fabric. 


These are the actual dress sizes...


to order a size 16 you will need to comfortably fit into the below measurements

Bust: 40

Waist: 32.5



to order a size 14 you will need to comfortably fit into the below measurements

Bust: 38

Waist: 30.5

Hips: 41.5


Sooooo what to do?!?! I'm worried the bust will be huge if I order a 16 as the bust on the 14 was just right currently and that's before losing any more. The hips will also be fine on the size 14... so its just the waist that is my concern... 3 1/2 inches to loose hmmmm it's so hard to decide! What would your advice be? 


Thanks! xx


  • Order the larger size and have it taken it - much easier to do alterations to make a dress smaller than bigger! not saying you won't continue with the healthy living but I was in the same situation and they ended up having to take my dress in 5 inches on the bust and 5 inches on the waist. I was happier they did that and I wasn't under any pressure - as I'm sure you know, you can't target one area for weight loss!

    Dress looks lovely btw! 

  • Bims09Bims09 Posts: 238

    I would agree, go with the bigger size. There'll be less pressure on you to lose the weight, and if you do need to go a size smaller then a seamstress should be able to sort that out for you. Did they mention how easy the dress would be to alter?

    Beautiful dress

  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    Have you been keeping track of where you have been losing the weight? For me personally i find it hard to shift weight from my hips, so a change of 5 inches would be a lot to me, but we are all different. Are you exercising as well as eating healthy as this will also change where you loose the weight.  Have you spoken to the seamstress about how easy it would be to take in the bust? and if there's any wiggle in the waist to take it out?

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    Gorgeous dress!

    I agree with Eilidh - order the 16 and have it taken in if necessary. It's easier to make a 'too big' dress smaller than a 'too small' dress bigger. A good seamstress can alter down 2 dress sizes so you could go down to a 12 & still be fine for alterations.  

    Wedding planning is stressful enough without the added pressure of having to lose inches to fit into your dress. 


  • Thanks all!!!

    I think I will go with the 16... I was leaning towards that anyway and you've all helped decide it for me!... think the 18 will end up being too big and would swamp me and would need taking in way too much, but 16 will hopefully be a pretty good fit! 

    Haha yeah I guess we never know where the weight will come off... imagine if the final 2 stone all comes off my legs, that's not going to help at all!

    Thanks for the kind remarks on the dress too... I love it and it's completely not what I expected at all... can't wait for my actual dress to come in now... it'll be a long wait I think haha :) xx

  • InaIna Posts: 12

    Like somebody else said, i would order up, and have it re-sized to a smaller size.

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