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Hole in dress!

Hi all,


Looking for some reassurance as having a slight panic. I picked up my dress yesterday. it fits great and I love it. It is 3 weeks till my wedding but the seamstress takes the next few weeks off so I had to pick it up this week.

After taking it home my seamstress advised me to hang it up outside the dustbag and let it hang. While doing this I noticed a hole near the hem. Its small and not very noticeable but I'm scared it will get bigger and I honestly just want it to be perfect.

I suspect it has been there all along as I've had no incidences during fittings when it could have happened and the seamstress didn't need to take the hem up so wasn't them! its where some embroidery should be so I suspect it has come loose and created the hole.

I'm going to call the shop today and hope I can take it in today for a quick fix. fingers crossed!



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