A little help with underskirt

my partner and I get married in italy in a few months.

we have done a lot of it ourselves to try and save some money and recently purchased my dress from wed2b which I fell in love with.

but after looking at images of me wearing my dress, I realise I need an underskirt but I'm stuck what I should be looking for.  I went back to the shop and they were throwing 100£ underskirts at me and I'm trying to do it on a budget.

simply, I'm trying to find what style of underskirt I should be looking for for the dress attached(which is suitable for going on a plane) and if I might be able to find a decent/reasonable priced one online/ebay/amazon.

my budget is hopefully about £30-40

(side note, sadly I'm not as skinny at the model in the picture, size 20(pushing for at least 18 by June) so understand if trickier to get plus size items)



Thanks x


  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    Try eBay, you'll get something from there easily within your budget, I haven't needed to use one myself but I do the costumes for school plays and I've bought loads over the years from tiny children ones to larger grown up ones, they generally show pictures of what they do to puff up the dresses, good luck!

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