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Hi. new here but just wanting some advice. I get married in june and i have already got my dress its the mori lee 5216. However i'm struggling for a veil i really want a long one, not as long as a cathedral or chapel length but one that literally just touches the floor (78inches) But because my dress has a small train im not sure if it will sit right. Ive attached pictures of the dress. if anyone has any pictures of their dresses with along veil please could you share them. thanks imageimage


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    What kind of veil are you thinking of? Just plain, or lace trim, or with sparkles? If it has a trim (meaning the edge of the veil stands out) then to be honest I think it could look a little odd if it doesn't go to the end of your train. You'll have the line of the veil kind of cutting the train in half. If the veil is plain and sheer then you may not see the edge as clearly so it might look ok.

    Is there a reason you want that particular length? Did you try it on with the dress? If I was to pick a veil for your dress I'd go with something around waist length I think.

    Obviously that's just one person's opinion- so feel free to ignore me!

  • i tried a cathedral length on with the dress and loved it but i know it will annoy me after a while. i was thinking of no trim but with swarvoskis (however you spell it) scattered on the veil. my mum thinks a fingertip length but i have my heart set on a long one ao.confused. this is more stressful than choosing the dress itself x

  • I'd go chapel length. It's much shorter than cathedral and will look more natural with the dress because there won't be a big difference in length. 

  • thanks ladies. think ill take my dress and try some chapel lengths on x

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I totally agree that veils are more confusing than choosing a dress! It took me much longer to find the perfect veil than the dress.

    I agree chapel length would look lovely if you want a long one- it'll come to around the end of your train and sit on top so hopefully it wont drag on the floor and bug you! The scattered crystals would look nice too as the skirt doesn't have bling on it so the veil will add some at the back :)

    Good idea to try some on, buying online is a minefield as nobody seems to agree on a standard length for terms like chapel or cathedral! And some include inches for a blusher (the bit that goes over your face)... even if there is no blusher. And then there's the number or tiers... and material, which also there is no standard terms for... Yep

    So if you try one in the store and want to source a cheaper version online, find out how long it is in inches if you can to save yourself some grief!

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