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Bridesmaid dresses on a budget

Hi all,


I'm getting married in 2018.

I've seen amazing bridesmaid dresses online but some are up on £200 each and I've got three to buy.

I've heard there are some good shops that are quite cheap in North London but I can't remember where and was wondering if anyone has any experience going around that area and what you can find?

Any other recommendations of where to look in London would be great!!

Thank you


  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    What is your budget for bridesmaid dresses? X

  • Was hoping no more than £100 each, as I know from being a bridesmaid the dresses are rarely worn again!

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    I suggest looking in the department store, house of fraser, Debenhams, John Lewis 

    there's also a site that keeps coming up called Coco Melody but its online and US so u can't try the dresses on unless u order and then return if they don't fit x

  • I got multiway dresses for £30 each on etsy and they're fab! Thedaintyard was the store

  • That's amazing value, going to give etsy a look!

  • Nov4VLNov4VL Posts: 27

    I've found a dress maker in my local area for 70 each, I just advertised on my local Facebook buy/sell/swap page xx

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Try places like Quiz, Asos, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Little Mistress. All of them sell bridesmaids style dresses for under £70 each.

  • I got mine from coast £70 in the sale they are now back in store for £149 each. 

  • Just shop around on the high street- the ones I am looking at are £15 each from Boohoo! 

  • There are loads of places on the high street, I would recommend Debenhams. They have lovely dresses that are quite often on sale, I got mine from there for half price.



    Asos have some stunning bridesmaid dresses but I think you have to be quick because whenever I looked they were always sold out in most of the sizes!

  • I'd suggest Chi Chi London, they have some really reasonable stuff (50-70 mark) and the quality in the dresses I have from there is great. 


    My planning thread:


  • SBbride wrote (see post):

    Like others have said ASOS and even - i've been on there and seen really nice dresses all in your budget and its an online store based in the UK. If I was going for a popular/common colour scheme I would have definitely gone to the high street stores! 


    SNAP lol! :)

  • I'd recommended ASOS as well! I have five bridesmaids and was on a tight budget and got mine for £50 each! 

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