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By way of introduction - I used to be an avid poster on here as I was a Wedding Caterer and set up an outdoor glamping Wedding Venue.

We had to close down ( another long thread) due to  ( unwarranted )complaints from the villagers.

After literally holding the hands of 100's of brides and grooms I am now planning as a Mother of the bride :)

My daughter and future Son in law have never been the big frills and whistles type of wedding couple but have now chosen The Shang- ri-la The Shard for their small and unconventional wedding.

We went dress shopping and  my daughter tried on 6 pronovia dresses and said YES to  the dress on number Three

Olympia which we are having customised with extra bling and change to the train.

Any other Pronovia brides on here?

How have you found them? customer care , fittings etc?

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