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Terrible idea or pure genius??!!



Im getting married in September and I'm back in the happy wedding planning camp (instead of the getting annoyed one!)

I love my dress but cant get the idea of wanting something a bit different out of my head. I've been watching "Say yes to the dress" (which Im addicted too) and saw on the credits a flash of what looked like a red veil.

So..... Ive started thinking.... Why not have a coloured veil??!! I've done a bit of research but there seems to be barely anything out there.

Im not the most traditional type and neither is h2b. Our venue (Le petit chateau in Otterburn) is gorgeous but quirky. Im having bright flowers and im going with cadbury purple for bm dresses etc.

So im thinking.... Purple veil?? No idea what shade though.

I'll attach photos to give an idea.

Brutal, honest replies please 😝

I either need reigning in or encouraging lol.



  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216


  • I think it'll work! And be nice to have something really different.

    Wouldnt wear it over your face though.

  • I like anything that goes against the 'norm' and it's things like that that people will remember! 

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    Opposite opinion here, dont do it! I think a coloured veil would distract away from your beautiful dress, how about purple flowers in your hair or some quirky coloured shoes?

  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    Arrggh, i dunno what to do!

    I might see if i can find a cheap veil and dye it to try with the dress before committing?

  • Mimi8Mimi8 Posts: 316 New bride

    Good idea to test it out , it sounds mad but it may be fine , we are all different . Show us how you get on xx


  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    I'm not 100% against it as I'm all for something different but I do wonder if it would just kill the dress. 

    if you could get one cheap then I would give it a go. Personally I would be tempted to go for a very pale purple rather than Cadbury though. 

  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    Yeah, i was thinking pale too. Just to give it the edge?

    Im going to get hunting for cheap veils! 😃😃

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    You could only wear it for the disco, as thats the fun party bit rather than all day?

  • msbellamsbella Posts: 53

    If you think it will look cool then do it but my personal preference I wouldn't like it. But I could imagine a soft pink or soft purple looking nice if it matched colour elsewhere eg flowers 

  • You can get the edge of the veil bound in a coloured ribbon? Look at weddingveilsdirect embellish the dress and veils online - I've definitely seen a veil edged in a maroon coloured tape so I'd imagine you could do purple?

    I do love the classic look of your dress with a traditional veil but if you like the idea no harm in looking into it?

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I cant picture it working, sorry! Your dress is pretty and delicate, I just dont think a coloured veil will do anything for it except detract from it.

    There are some pale pink ones on pinterest and even they look odd in my opinion, the veil just hides the dress and distracts.

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    I agree, purple flowers in you hair might be a better way to add the colour. If you could find a veil cheap enough it could be worth a try. There's a lady I've heard about called Pink Margaret who does quite cheap bespoke veils or you might be able to find a cheap one on eBay just to give you an idea. 

    As a north east bride I'm familiar with your venue and, although I believe in wearing what you want and not matching the venue, I'm not sure if a quirky veil would quite go. its a gorgeous venue by the way, your pictures will be stunning! 

  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    I was thinking maybe something along these lines but a single tier?

    There seems to be a divided opinion, which makes it hard! Think I'll deffo get a cheap on just to see. I'll need to do this so i dont think "what if" 


  • Dotty88Dotty88 Posts: 41 New bride

    I think having a colour pop can look nice but I agree with that it could detract from your gorgeous dress. No harm trying it out with a diy dye job though! Excellent venue choice by the way... I'm also getting married at Le Petit. 😍 X

  • Only do it if you are 100% sure that it is you, your dress is beautiful and doesn't need any more detail adding to it. Purple flowers or hair comb may be the safer option. I would say don't do it.

  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,441 New bride

    If you're going to have a coloured veil... I would have a pastel coloured one - not bright or dark.

  • Emma, what about an ombre veil? A cute pop of colour at the bottom?



  • sonia9sonia9 Posts: 243

    It's totally your decision and whatever you decide will be perfect for you. I personally think just got for quirky shoes as your dress is stunning with the white veil. I think a coloured veil would look tacky :( xx

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    Your dress and veil already look absolutely beautiful, if I were you I wouldn't change a thing as it all looks stunning.

    Having said that, it is totally your choice and as someone already said, it will definitely be remembered! I actually really like the ombre veil as posted above although I would opt for a very subtle pastel colour change and not go for anything too dark.

    You have to keep us updated xxx


  • I think it looks beautiful as is, and if any colour was added I'd say a dip-dye/ombré or maybe purple crystals added?

  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    I think you look gorgeous in your dress and current veil, so elegant and I personally think that pop of colour could definitely be on your feet - having said that, the ombré veil is SO pretty. 

    Try it out and see how you go! X

  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    I'm loving the ombre veil too, think it's a great idea. 

    Ive found a cheap veil online, im going to give it a go ombre style.

    Wish me luck! 

  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    Good luck!!! 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I know everybody else is suggesting a subtle colour, but I think if youre going to do it go for something bold otherwise im my mind it just looks like the end of the veil is grubby?

  • I'll be honest I'd say not but what about adding some purple beading to it or purple beading into a hair band/ slide!! Purple shoes would be good too and a purple garter etc so youve got a little bit of your personality. 

    On Dont Tell the Bride the groom once bought the bride a pink veil and it looked pretty cheap in my opinion..

    equally bare in mind it's only my opinion and your wedding is your day so do what's right for you!! If it's what you want I'm sure you'd rock it!! 

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