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Hi Ladies,


Just thought I'd share my experiences of the website JJs House and beg people to not waste their money buying from these fraudulent twats. 

I ordered two bridesmaids dresses from JJs House, situated in Hong Kong. The first dress was a slightly different shade to how it appeared on the website so I contacted them to check that when I ordered the second dress, that the shades would match. They said that the shades would only be different if I ordered it in a different material, so I made sure to order the exact same. 


We noticed immediately when the second dress arrived that they were different shades of purple, and subsequently that the straps were different widths, and the lace pattern on the back was completely different. We sent photos and JJs House even acknowledged that they were different shades but said that it was due to the dresses being made from different rolls of fabric (but still the same material) so it wasn't their fault. After several emails back and forth, they have refused to refund my money and said that the best they can do is to give us 50% off new dresses, but there's no guarantee that these new dresses wouldn't have similar issues with the lace pattern and the straps, so I could be down £400 with 4 dresses that are unwearable. I refuse to give this company any more of my money and am currently seeking legal advice! 


The annoying thing is, I checked them out on trust pilot and they have a rating of 9.8!! Yet, when you look deeper on other websites, there are hundreds of brides like me who have had very similar issues. Their return policy even says that they will give a full refund if we are not happy with the dresses. 


If anyone can recommend anywhere to get nice bridesmaids dress in the UK, please let me know! I refuse to buy from another company based in China, and sadly the usual websites like House of Fraser, Debenhams etc don't have anything that I'm looking for. We only have a budget of about £150 per dress. 



Thank you!



  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I'm sorry to hear you got stung :( there's facebook groups like 'brides beware' with so many poor brides who have been ripped off by sites like this. I don't understand how they have that score on trustpilot, it must be all fake ratings!

    Have you looked on Asos? They have a gorgeous (and cheap!) Bridesmaid section

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Hi, sorry to hear about your experience. I have seen some really bad reviews about JJ's House!

    Try places like ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, QUIZ, Little Mistress. All do BM type dresses.

  • HiImMrsM2bHiImMrsM2b Posts: 160 New bride

    Hi Grace24

    That's really out of order and not the kind of stress you need.

    Definitely agree with Sammykate about asos. I got my moh dress from hof on sale for £30 and it is BEAUTIFUL. 

  • Another vote for ASOS, I've just ordered a stunning Maya dress off there for an evening do and it would make the perfect bridesmaid dress. Missguided and Boohoo are also very affordable. Sorry to hear about your bad experienc.

  • Mimi8Mimi8 Posts: 316 New bride

    Definitely little mistress , forever unique, Amos , they all have gorgeous dresses at great prices , I got bridesmaid dresses for my daughter's wedding from little mistress at £75 each and they were fab , lined etc.  ( don't forget you can put them on a site to sell on after the wedding too )  

  • JTQSNJTQSN Posts: 147

    I got mine from coast. If you see anything you like there message me and ill Give you (& anyone else!) nus number for 15% off x 

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    True brides or hobbs

  • Lauren147Lauren147 Posts: 185

    Davids bridal has so many dresses in all colours! We went to one in Birmingham for my friends wedding and I think they were less than £150

  • MrsGxMrsGx Posts: 329 New bride

    Really sorry to hear you've had a negative experience, its hard to know which companies to trust these days!

    Have you looked at Victoria Lou Bridal? She does reasonably priced multiway BM dresses (I think they start from £60 to £70 each). I cannot vouch for the quality as I haven't ever seen them in the flesh, but I found out about her through a friends recommendation. She used them at her wedding and was really pleased with them.

    I ordered some colour swatches from the website a couple of weeks ago and they arrived within a few days - she has quite a good colour selection. Shes on FB too - and the reviews all seem good! Hope it helps xx

  • Sophie177Sophie177 Posts: 190

    how about monsoon, or phase eight?  they do some gorgeous bridesmaid dresses for under 150 xx

  • Have you tried Dessy? They come from America but there are lots of stores here that stock the brand. They are very good. 

    Inwas looking for specific colours and they have hundreds of styles in 60 or so colours, a variety of fabrics and they even do men's matching ties and pocket squares if you want the groomsmen/ushers to match the bridesmaids.

    Good luck with the search

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride
    martinnathalie9 wrote (see post):

    Hiya Grace,

    So sorry to hear that happened to you!! I can't believe they would only offer more dresses, of course you're not going to want more after that experience . ASOS is a great option, a friend of a friend got hers from the there in a pretty coral colour and my friend looked stunning!

    Have you had a look online at other online outlets? This one has some really pretty purple dresses and a 100% refund policy. The only thing is that i think it's based in the US so would take some time to return if they didn't work out. But at £50-70 perhaps you could get a couple of styles and return the ones you least liked? 

    Really hope you find the perfect ones and that your lawyers get those guys!!

    Nat xx

    Ignore this post!! That website looks dodgy, no address details for the company and they use photos from other designers so please don't risk it!!

    EDIT- I just checked the 'Brides Beware' FACEBOOK page and there is a warning not to use this company and lots of people who've had issues so avoid!

  • webcrestwebcrest Posts: 3

    Just nice, pretty or elegant. My dreamy wedding dress is the one I will love it at the first sight~~~ 
    The feeling is the most important.

  • webcrestwebcrest Posts: 3
    webcrest wrote (see post):

    Just nice, pretty or elegant. My dreamy wedding dress is the one I will love it at the first sight-
    The feeling is the most important.


  • webcrestwebcrest Posts: 3


  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 707 New bride
    webcrest wrote (see post):
    webcrest wrote (see post):

    Just nice, pretty or elegant. My dreamy wedding dress is the one I will love it at the first sight-
    The feeling is the most important.



    I smell spam...

  • Bride2016Bride2016 Posts: 49


    sorry to hear about that!

    When I was a (young bridesmaid) I went to the shop and tried my dress on so I've never associated online shopping with bridesmaid dresses. I'm also in a similar dilemma as dresses seem very expensive but also a little dubious on how to organise it!

    Are there any stores out there Around London/essex at a reasonable price? Im not sure if I want to order off ASOS (as from personal experience the size I am doesnt usually fit from there And I have to send back so I'm not sure how to approach online shopping with bridesmaids). Also how far in advance do you buy bridesmaids dresses?


    thanks girlies 

  • I was just wondering if you had customised dresses or standard sizes as they do state on their website with standard sizing you would get a refund.

  • PinguinPinguin Posts: 141

    my dress of JJs house was lovely, it was slightly long for me but that wasnt JJs house fault as it was standard sizes not custom

  • I used the website  very similar to the website you first found dresses on. I was extremely happy with the result. I ordered swatches of the fabric first which were very cheap and the cost of these was subtracted from my total when I actually chose to buy dresses. I created custom sized dresses, which only needed minor tapering due to me buying them so far in advance and the girls changing size slightly. 

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