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I'm looking for advice. i'm a bigger bride and have thick thighs which is going to be a nightmare on the wedding day. I can't wear a skirt now without my chub rub starting a fire! I've tried cycling cream, lanacane and all sorts and nothing seems to have worked and don't really want to wear tights on the day as I cant be faffed pulling them up and down every time I go to the loo (my luck is I'd rip them trying to get them up!

I've seen online Bandelettes which are lace looking thigh bands from America and I was wondering if anyone has tried these or something similar and what they thought? Its the alternative to open toe tights and will hopefully allow me to go tightless and try to keep cooler


  • San1969San1969 Posts: 577

    Have you tried the lanacane powder? I've used this before and found it to be really good X

  • I have used Bandelettes and they are amazing. I would definitely recommend them!

  • I worked abroad for years... also chunky thighs and 'chub rub' was an issue! I swear by talcum powder or baby oil... obviously oil and wedding dress isn't ideal so I'd go for the talcum powder!!! It's what I'll be using on the day and wont even cost £1!! Another random but good one is  antiperspirant deodorant! A good spray of that, let it dry then load on layers of talcum powder and trust me you'll be fine all day. If you're having a clutch bag can always pop a mini talcum powder in there to top up later in the day but honestly it really works xx

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    Chub rub lol! I don't think this is exclusive to the curvaceous. I even had this trouble when I was a thin teenager. Always went with baby powder as suggested above.

    Failing that, spanx always do the trick, though I appreciate these are in the same ilk as tights...

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    I've seen these Bandalettes and read the reviews, sounds promising!!  I'll keep a close eye on this post :)

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    My sister wore bandalettes for her wedding and they did exactly what they say on the tin. She said she didn't have problems with them staying up as they have grip on the inside, and I plan on wearing these for my wedding too. I wouldn't trust that any product would be effective for the whole 13 hours I will be wearing my dress, especially if it is hot, and tights would be ridiculous as would make me double as hot!

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    I used to be a big girl and was once told that spraying deodorant in the area would stop the sweating...makes sense when you think about it! I tried it and blow me, it works brilliantly! I always spray my upper thighs now and my feet before I go for a run and it's been a revelation in stopping the rubbing.

  • Hi ladies , thank you for all the comments. I've now purchased some baby talc powder and some bandalettes to try before the day so will let you know how it goes and what I recommend

  • HI ladies,

    I'm back... OMG the bandalettes are the best thing since sliced bread - maybe even before it. I've been prancing around like goodness knows what with these on. I can walk freely and not worry, they don't slide down they are simply amazing! I encourage anyone who suffers to purchase a pair - i'm going to buy another pair in another colour now :)

    My only advice is to get someone else to measure your thighs at the widest part, i was struggling to get in the right position to wrap the tape round and get it correct.

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    I knew I'd seen this post on here somewhere!

    I've been walking around every terminal at Heathrow airport today wearing a skirt and my inner thighs are stupidly sore!!! :( Knew I'd seen a post with a solution. 

    Totally ordering some of these bandelettes like now! Thank you Katie for your recommendation x

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    I must be doing something very wrong - I've suffered with chub rub for years and I find that talc/deodorant just sweats off (I must be sweater than the average person)! 


  • Hey so after playing bridesmaid in one too many weddings, one thing I realized is that chub rub is a thing, which I never considered. I have watched many brides and bridesmaids find the perfect recipe to find some relief and the one common brand I noticed was Anti Monkey Butt - it contains calamine and we know that's an essential ingredient for relief. If its good enough for weddings I think its good for everyday usage too. Here's their website

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