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I tried on the Ronald Joyce Hope dress yesterday and whilst I really loved the bottom half of the dress, I wasn't keen on the top half of the dress! Does anyone know of similar style dresses??



  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    I love it! why don't you like the top half? its gorgeous! xxx

  • I'd like more of a sweetheart if poss but not fussy on that! It's the pearls im not a fan of! Xxx

  • KerryL82KerryL82 Posts: 97

    Try Davids Bridal, the Vera Wang range has some nice strapless ballgown styles :)  

  • You'll literally be able to find a tulle ballgown like this in every bridal store. Super popular style so very easy to source.

  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    There are lots of styles out there similar without as much on the top half, I like this one:

    I would look again at Ronald Joyce, they may have a similar style with less on the bodice.

    Just google designers that your local shops stock and have a look through their websites. 


  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    Have a look at Watters and Wtoo, they had quite a few dresses like that and some two pieces so you choose your skirt and then corset.

    I was so torn between one similar to yours and the final style I went with

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I tried on quite a lot like this but with varying bodices.

    Allure bridal seemed to be the main one with lots of sweetheart necklin strapless gowns.

    I only went to 2 shops but both had tonnes of styles similar, and when I was a bridesmaid once it was the same. You wont have any problem finding them, Id say any bridal shop!

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    I love that dress, you could always get the seamstress to bring the front into a sweetheart neckline its easy to do!   

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    Ronald Joyce Eunice is quite similar but still quite heavily embellished on the bodice but not with pearls. Ronald Joyce Eliza is similar but plainer bodice and is absolutely stunning with a sweetheart neckline. I was looking at this style but went with similar but satin in the end.

    I love Ronald Joyce, of all the dresses and designers I tried I found these so well structured and secure. x

  • ohhh I've cut this dress out of so many mags, it is truly stunning on you! but the most important is that you love it! xx

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