Where did you buy your hoop from, is it a bridal shop job?

when I tried my dress on I wore a round hoop, but on photos I noticed that the train of the dress seemed to fold, rather than flow seamlessly back, if you know what I mean?

instead of looking like :


It did this:


Is this the wrong hoop? Ive seen more oval shaped ones on ebay that look like they would pouff it out backwards more but then I dont know if itd work with a bustle, so Im just wondering what other brides with trains have got.



  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I got mine free with the dress from the bridal shop. I was just an underskirt so I bought a cheapy A-line one off ebay but then when I took it to the fitting, the seamstress helpfully pointed out that they could add a hoop to my underskirt, so the ebay one went in the bin. If you want that look as in the model pic, then I would buy the oval shape ones you mention from Ebay. Then for when you add the bustle, you could change the hoop to a standard on to keep the poof but loose the train support? They not expensive, mine was £6 I think.

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    Mine did the same as yours MrsJ and that was with a bridal shop bought hoop. Whenever I walked around the train flowed fine and then when I bustled the train up in the evening, the hoop made the dress sit perfectly. It was just the standing where it didnt sit perfectly but if I had picked an oval shape it wouldn't have sat right in the evening when it was bustled. 

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