Serious bra issues!!

Hi all!

I'm seriously struggling to find the right bra to go with my beautiful dress (Photo attached!)

I need a low back (or clear back) bra that is also strapless, seems they barely exist! I want to stay away from stick on bras (unless anyone can recommend a super supportive one) because after having a baby they are not as perky as they used to be (Bloody kids!!) and I wouldn't feel comfortable going braless.

Can anyone help?!? I've tried the Ultimo low back bra but it was an awful fit and generally not a very nice bra!



A panicking bride with a fitting in 10 days!image


  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    Stunning dress!

    If you don't mind me asking what size bra are you? only asking because I am very small and have a 32b bra, my dress is super low at the back and I am unable to wear a bra as well.  I was worried about looking totally flat chested and it is a real insecurity of mine.

    My seamstress has added cups into my dress and extra padding to the sides to bulk it out a bit in that area and to also push what I have got into the centre to make a cleavage.

    Also, my mum bought me a stick on bra (the one doing the rounds at the moment on social media where you pull it in the middle and magically you receive a cleavage line)  I seriously had my doubts about it and thought I'd have nothing there for it to work on but I gave it a try when it arrived and I am not kidding you it worked!! I had to get the positioning right and it doesn't so much as keep you lifted or supported but it does pull them together which is what I needed for it too look like I had a little cleavage line.

    Don't worry too much about your fitting though if it is your first one as they really do work wonders and can probably add support into your dress.  I would email or phone them with your concerns and I bet they deal with this kind of thing all the time and will know exactly what to do to give you the results you are after. xx

  • Mrs NeekMrs Neek Posts: 445 New bride

    Have you tried the backless bra? I'm a 32DD and initially had my reservations but it seemed to work a charm! I've worn it twice once at my engagement party and another at my cousin wedding and both occasions I was dancing, no issues. I got mine from John Lewis. They don't provide the greatest support but if you get someone to tighten the flaps it seems to does the trick.  

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I agree, the type of bra you are looking for does not exist! My dress has an illusion back that is similar on how low it is, and I ordered a couple of low back bustiers and bras to try but they were still too high. But the dress shop advised me that they can just sew in cups and padding so I decided to go with that. I'm not large chested so I don't need a lot of support.

    However, I had my first fitting at the weekend and the seamstress said she could actually adapt my bra to have a low enough back to go with the dress! But she needed it at that first fitting and I'd worn a very boring nude strapless bra as I didn't think I could have one. If I'd known I would definitley have bought a pretty strapless bra and had her adapt it. So if you do want to wear one then it's certainly worth asking the seamstress if they can do this- but you will need to bring the bra to that first fitting.

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    Thanks so much for replying. 

    I'm a 36C, my issue is almost the opposite to yours, I have the cleavage just need a lift so they aren't round by my ankles! Same reason I also don't want to go bra-less 😞


  • Katie-23Katie-23 Posts: 4

    Thanks so much for all your replies. I had seen the one in JL but intrigued to know if it'll last more than one wear and be just as sticky?!

    I will definitely invest in a nice white one aswell just incase :)

  • Mrs NeekMrs Neek Posts: 445 New bride
    Is it the bra less one? If so then yes. I've worn mine twice to major events and had it one for more than 6hrs.xx
    Katie-23 wrote (see post):

    Thanks so much for all your replies. I had seen the one in JL but intrigued to know if it'll last more than one wear and be just as sticky?!

    I will definitely invest in a nice white one aswell just incase :)


  • Hey, 

    Just a word of warning. I also bought one of the sticky backless bra (as mentioned above- the one advertised on fb)and it would never last a full day for me. I was constantly pressing the bra to my boobs to make it stick after the first hour or so. 

    As suggested above, the altering a bra sounds like a good option or asking the seamstress to fit cups into the dress. 


  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    I am having similar issues the dress I have already has cups fitted but the dress shop suggested the stick on bras. Its costing me a small fortune as once you have tried them on you can return them. Holding them up to my boobs they appear to fit and then when you stick them I have nothing in the cups at all , even the support ones. My M&S bra fit said I was a B, quite a few reviews say go up a size but I have actually ended up with an A but I have 2 bras and a body now that give me a different cleavage and none of them are great just ok. 

  • I have a low backed dress and am a 36E, and I am going bra-less as the dress is supportive enough. I NEVER thought I'd go bra-less to anything, let alone on my wedding day!! But even just pinned in as the dress is too big, I felt supported. I have a Mori Lee and my first actual fitting is in June 

  • Mimi8Mimi8 Posts: 316 New bride

    I agree buying a padded bra and having it cut and sewn in could be the solution , worked for my daughter's low back dress .


  • MyrtleMyrtle Posts: 107

    Katie-23 I know exactly what you mean. After my LB mine defiantly are not as perky but I am going bra-less. I'm a 32D and when I tried on my dress they let me try some sew in cups and they did give support and I felt comfortable. 

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