Help with a dress.

Ok. So I put a £300 deposit down on a dress last year for my wedding in October next year.  Still love my dress but there is a big problem. Ive just found out I am now pregnant and will be around 7 months pregnant by then. 

Anyone know what I can/should do. My mum kindly reminded me if its like my previous pregnancies i'll be the size of a house, and she is as worried as me. 


Any advice greatly recieved.


  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    Why don't you ring the shop and ask them what your options are. Every shop is different so they might let you transfer the money onto a looser dress or something. 

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    Has your dress been ordered yet or not?

  • LantrolLantrol Posts: 43

    Afaik it has been ordered went for a resize fitting in febuary. But im also unsure the shop will be helpful.


    More wanting advice on how do i proceed etc

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I guess you meant October this year, or that will be the longest pregnancy

    I'm not sure what you mean by you are looking for advice on how to proceed..... I agree with the girls who have already commented that the shop are really the best ones to advise you about whether they can offer a solution to avoid you loosing money. Each shop has different policies and you dont know whether it is too late to change the style/size until you call them. 

    So short of taking the loss and starting from square 1, you need to speak to them to find out your options. High street stores tend to be in a floaty style that might be suitable for you and of course you can buy it quite close to the wedding to ensure if still fits on the day.

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    I think that because you have ordered it they will be unlikely to give you your money back. But yeh just call them and ask them!

  • You need to speak to the dress shop ASAP as only they can advise you!

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    You'll need to contact the shop and see what you can do.

    They are not obliged to offer you a refund or transfer the balance to an alternative dress as you have entered into a contract with them to purchase that item and it is being made exclusively for you, however they may do it at their discretion if they think they can resell the dress. 

    If they aren't helpful I would suggest you pay the balance, take the dress and sell it, you'll probably take a bit of a loss but its better than having a dress you can't wear. Use the money from selling it to put towards a new dress. If you disappear and take the hit for the £300 deposit I believe they would be in their rights to pursue you for the outstanding balance, although they probably wouldn't, dependent on the amount outstanding. 


  • Hi, 

    First of all congratulations on your pregnancy! 

    I would speak to the shop in the first instance so they can speak to the designer. It may be that the dress hasn't been made yet. 

    If it hasn't then they could always make it in a bigger size and you could get it altered!

    If they have ordered it then see if they have any advice and check your terms and conditions as unfortunately once you are tied into a sale it is often hard to get out of but you could look at selling the dress on to recoup back some of your money so all would not be lost :) 

    Hope you manage to get it all sorted out ;) 

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