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Personalised Embroidery

Has anybody bought any reasonably priced personalised pyjamas/dressing gowns for their BMs? 

I'm trying to find something I can have their initials on. I know personally I wouldn't want to reuse something with "Bridesmaid" emblazoned across it after the actual wedding so I'd like to get them something they can continue wearing.

I was thinking button-down would be best as they can wear them for hair & make-up and them whip them off easily without ruining it. I'd thought about maybe buying a cheap-ish set from a Boux Avenue sale or similar and have them embroidered. Do you think it'd be expensive to have that done? Or maybe iron on some pretty initials. What are people's thoughts/experiences? 

I've looked on Etsy & NOTHS but I'm keen to know of specific suppliers people have had good experiences with. 

Thank you! xoxo 


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