Lash lift vs lash extensions?!

I'm not getting married for another 10 months but I'm starting to trial beauty procedures to see what suits me and what doesn't. 

Has anyone had a lash lift? Is it worth it? Same questions for a lash extension?

What is everyone wearing on the big day? I don't want to look like too much of a drag queen!


  • I think the lift is good if you have nice lashes to begin with. 

    My lashes are very light thin and short So I love having lash extensions and don't think the lift would be enough for me if that makes sense. I'm having lashes done on Wednesday night ahead of my make up trial on Thursday, I'll let you know how it goes. 

    I'd say with either choice, do research on who you get to do them for you. With extensions you very much get what you pay for, I've had a full set once for £40 or so and they felt so heavy and uncomfortable and pulled out so many real lashes when they fell. Compared to a set priced much higher that felt so light and natural and left my real lashes in tact x 

  • On the day I'm having strip lashes because I find personally with extensions you can't rub your eyes without fear of them falling off (they probably won't) but you can't wash your face with ease using a face cloth and I struggle to sleep with them on as I sleep with my one eye close to the pillow. And if you pull on them you can end up with a missing patch of your own lashes.

    A few days after the wedding I'm having a lash lift for the honeymoon.


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    Yes! I had lash extensions years ago and they itched, hurt and I felt like half my only lashes fell out over the ensuing weeks..

    I've instead been having LVL lash lift and tint for years since; I love how dramatic they look once topped up with mascara, and they look lightly made up without (perfect for holidays with lots of swimming etc). I actually had mine redone yesterday, barefaced and slightly crazed pic attached. I'm blonde so without, my lashes are almost translucent. 

    I would say that it's an odd experience that I'm used to now, but does involve 45 mins where you can't open your eyes and are being prodded, have a look on YouTube for vids of the process. I love it however, and am hoping that when I have my makeup trial we can get the dramatic lashes with mascara only and no falsies. 

    Don't go to a salon unless they offer and you have a patch test first though, not worth an allergic reaction on your face and any decent salon will insist!

  • My other lash lift tip is get them done as early in the day as possible so they've had max perming time before you sleep on them, and really, really stick to the advice and no steam/water for 24 hours (so tactical shower timing/plan ahead and a quick cool shower in between!). If I have to get them done in an evening I cheat and sleep in the goggles I was given for post-laser eye surgery recovery 😂, I look a right wally!)

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I've had both. For my wedding I had lash lift, I think I paid £35. On other special occasions I've had extensions.

    I much preferred the lash lift, they don't feel heavy at all. But it really depend on what your natural lash length is. The extensions I've had previously looked good, but having them removed was awful. I also had a habit of picking at them and when they started coming loose/growing out after a few weeks it was too much temptation to mess with them. There are lots of different style extensions these days, I can't remember which ones I had but they were £50. I have seen russian style ones which are more expensive. I wear glasses too so extensions for me were a pain as they kept catching on my glasses.

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    Wow thank you so much for the advice ladies!!!

    I have fairly straight but quite long lashes and I like them when they look nicely curled so maybe I should try a lash lift 

    Mrs Nolan I'll be looking forward to hearing how you get on!

    Kelly I hadn't thought about the whole face washing thing- I use a muslin cloth on my face and would definitely rub the extension a 

    Rebecca thanks for the tips, loving the thought of sleeping in goggles! I think future husband might have second thoughts if he woke up next to me like that!

    Bella I wear glasses too (although only for reading so won't need them at the wedding) and I hadn't even thought of that 

    Now googling lash lifts in Bristol! I feel like I should wait until I have an event to go to but also want to try it out and find a salon I like 

    Thanks so much for the advice everyone!

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride

    I had lashes done last week as a trial before my wedding and I love them! I just had a natural look done to start with but I will go a little bit fuller for the wedding day. I just look like I've got mascara on ATM not drag queen like at all. I've had them on for a week now and only had a couple fall out but they are meant to last 2 - 3 weeks. Here is a close up of my lashes and a normal picture from a couple of days ago. Also I paid £45 for these. image image

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,663 New bride

    I had LVL a while ago and to be honest was underwhelmed. I have fairly long lashes anyway and while I liked the lift it gave, but I didn't feel like I got any benefit in the way of added length or tint. No different from wearing mascara and a lot more pricey! I also hated the treatment itself, I do have quite sensitive eyes and while I wasn't allergic (had the patch test) I thought it really stung and made my eyes water so much.

    Did look into proper lash extensions for the wedding, but chickened out when I read how difficult they are to maintain and how they can damage your natural lashes. In the end I had 'blink n go' lashes, which were great. They are single false lashes rather than extensions, so they give the impression of a false lash but last up to 2 weeks. You can choose how long or dramatic you want them. I thought they looked amazing (yet natural) and after they came off my eyes looked so plain lol. I did lose a few of my own lashes but I think that was my fault for picking at them once some started to come off.

  • My lashes were SO short after I had lash extensions for my wedding. It took a good month to notice results, but dermalmd eyelash serum really works!image

  • This is an old thread, but I thought I'd share a recent lash extension experience I had.  I've tried just about every lash extension system out there, as well as strip lashes and clusters. I tried all kinds of lashes from 2007 through 2014. I finally stopped, figuring my own lashes were probably pretty damaged; they weren't so much damaged as entirely gone. So needless to say, I'm not new to the lash scene.

    I gave lashes a rest from 2014 until this past year. With all of the new lash ext systems that have come out in the past few years, I thought I'd give one of them a try.  Most of the new systems stress that "with proper care" your own lashes will be intact; their claim is that the new lash extensions just fall out with your own natural lash growth. I did my research and had this particular lash system applied by one of the only top-level certified professionals in my area. Not only did I not love how they looked, they were by FAR the most uncomfortable lashes I have ever worn. The application itself was also uncomfortable, and this is coming from someone that used to have a lash system applied with a glue so strong it stung my nostrils. (I also get facial injections, I'm not a wimp.)  As your lashes grow, the extensions irritate your eyes more and more, and eventually your have these glued on little twigs of lashes kind of dangling off the ends of your own. Guess what? They either catch on something and rip your natural lash out or the technician has to use an incredibly sharp tool to remove them; they rarely just "fall off" on their own. I had a full set done and two top-up's before having them professionally removed.  And again, I was virtually lashless afterwards. 

    You can preach that "it really depends on where you have them done," but I have had lashes done by certified professionals in a major metropolitan area for years, and I can tell you that you are likely to have significant lash loss no matter who applies them and no matter which system you use.  The only difference is that you stand an even greater chance of having a major mishap (like getting your eyes temporarily glued shut) if you're having them done by someone less qualified.  They are all using harsh adhesives and pointed instruments to attach fibres to your own delicate lashes; damage is inevitable. Forget what you read on the various blogs and in the fashion magazines; the writers aren't generally going to bash fellow beauty professionals, especially when the service is being comp'd.

    Lash extensions are great because yes, you basically "look great" all the time. They are convenient when getting ready and they look sexy. But if you are at all concerned with what your lashes will look like afterwards, I highly recommend sticking with a good old pair of drugstore strip lashes or clusters with your everyday tube of lash glue. They aren't as long-lasting, but if you're careful, the damage is next to none.

    Just something to consider.

  • Lash extensions for me look really lovely for the first week. The the second before the infill you just look odd. I was wearing makeup to try and distract from the patchy sections. Which defeated the point for me. 

    I have to admit I am tempted to have them again for my honeymoon. We're going on a cruise and I want to be as low maintenance as possible so I can get out early in the mornings to explore. 

    May try the LVL instead.

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    I agree I love the first few days / week of having lashes in but find them quite hard work, especially as I often end up sleeping on my face/side. I also find it hard to feel as though I can really clean my face which is fine if I’m not wearing any eye makeup at all but after a night out etc I always feel a bit grimey that I can’t give my face a good scrub. That said I do love the look of them in and being good to go in the mornings. I think I’ll try LVL and then maybe glue a few cluster lashes in on the day (a friend does them), and dissolve them off a couple of days later. I really want nice full fluffy lashes which LVL won’t give me alone, and I will be a crying wreck at some point so mascara is a no go! I’ll be flying out to our destination maybe a week or so in advance of the wedding so there is no way I can have them done at home and they still look good by the wedding and I’m not sure I want to trust somewhere abroad that I haven’t been to before. 

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