Alterations Boutique Manchester - Wedding Dress Alterations in Manchester

I've just picked up my wedding dress from Alterations Boutique Manchester and would like to recommend this company for wedding dress alterations. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and the service I received was amazing. My dress has been altered beautifully - the seamstress is a true professional! 


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    Yawn. Seriously, stop with the advertising posts. There were loads on here yesterday too. Funny how all these 'reviews' are posted at the same time.

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    Despite the comments made by the user bella2015 above who is trying to discourage brides from leaving reviews, I would like to share my experience. I purchased a beautiful wedding dress from a sample sale and it needed a lot of work. A  friend of mine who recently got married recommended Alterations Boutique Manchester for alterations. I took my dress there and the seamstress did a wonderful job. I would like to say a massive thank you and would recommend this place to anyone who is getting married and looking for a great seamstress. For any doubters, out there here is a picture of me in my wedding dress.

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