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Doubts over an unusual wedding dress

Hi all! 

I’m looking for some advice, and maybe some reassurance... I’m getting married at the end of July next year and very quickly decided on my wedding dress back in January. It’s a bit of an unusual choice, and although I love it, some of my friends have made comments like wouldn’t I prefer a more traditional dress, or something that was “properly bridal”. It’s shaken my confidence in my choice a bit.

This was kind of compounded when I went shopping for a veil and the shop owner takes one look at the dress, said “well, that wasn’t what I expected..” and walked out of the room. Almost didn’t buy the damn veil.

Anyway, this is the dress:


I’d appreciate people’s opinions! Do you think it’s bridal enough?

Kate x


  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Love it! So unique! Ignore other people! 

  • MrsStateMrsState Posts: 178 New bride

    I think that is a fabulous dress! LOVE it!

  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride

    Absolutely gorgeous! Is that your veil too? They look incredible together.. very medieval/boho! 

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  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Tell them to shove it! Obviously a unique design like that isn't going to be everyones taste, but no one else is wearing it, you are! And if you love it that is what matters! I hate strapless dresses but I don't go around commenting to brides who choose strapless, because if im not wearig it then my opinion doesn't matter.

    I think the design stands out, is memorable and very summery :) It reminds me of something from a fantasy book, like worn by a faerie or something (I mean all this in a really good way! Lord I hope it reads like that haha I struggle making clear what I mean sometimes lol)

  • I agree with all of the above but just wanted to add - your hair looks absolutely amazing with that dress. The veil is a completes it!


  • I was only looking at the dress and thought how brilliant it would look on somebody with red hair...

  • I love it!

    If I see another lace fishtail at a wedding I'm a guest at, I'm going to....(you fill in the blank).

  • wtf is "bridal" anyway?!  In my book that just means what the bride is wearing.....  

    I think its gorgeous, and if you like it and its 'you' then don't give a second thought to other people's opinions


    (but I'm wearing purple..... even less what-unimaginitive-people-consider-appropriate than your dress,  lol)

  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 360 New bride

    Lovely dress! Though personally, I'd say it would look even better without the veil.


    I didn't wear a traditional dress either. I wore purple to my wedding and I felt like a million dollars in my dress. I decided that it was important for me to look like me as a bride, not me pretending to be a bride, if that makes sense? That's why I went for something that wad my style and colour. I got some comments from people too but when you find the dress that is 100% for you, no one's negative comments are enough to put you off :)

  • That dress is lovely, I definitely think it is bridal, I honestly don't understand why people make unkind comments, we all have different tastes, otherwise every single bride would wear a princess dress and it would be so boring.  You are going to look amazing on your big day.

  • MrsMcSMrsMcS Posts: 235

    I think it's lovely and really suits you :) You should look like yourself on your wedding day, not an identikit copy of every other bride!

  • Love it, I love a non-traditional dress and almost ended up with one myself. You look fabulous in it, don't let people with zero imagination ruin it for you.

  • Yeah it's a unique dress for wedding. Looking Gorgeous with your Curl Hairs. Go with it. Enjoy!!! 

  • Laura349Laura349 Posts: 1,001 New bride

    At the end of the day Iran your choice (after all your friends aren’t the ones wearing it!) personally, I think it’s beautiful! It suits you really well. 

    My wedding dress isn’t different to most people’s (but that’s what drew me to it when I was in the shop looking - it also has some black on it) 

    But you look lovely 😀

  • Thank you so much everyone! You've made me feel so much better :D

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