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hi there

i get married in April 2019 and have started browsing online for dresses as I don’t plan to go and try dresses until April this year. 


I have fallen in love love with the Ronald Joyce Nora dress. It’s absolutely stunning - I can’t seem to find anywhere what the price of this dress is though. Can anyone help me with an idea of what I would be looking at for this dress. My budget is around £1500 but this needs to include alterations so I don’t want to get my hopes up if it’s way over my budget. 


Thanks in advance




  • They tend to be £1200 to £2K.  I would ask the shop first, might be within budget!  

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    Looking at the dress I would say it’s probably going to be higher end of your budget with alterations due to the detail, it’s beautiful! 

    I agree, ask the shop first. You may also be able to get 10%+ off if the shop ever has discount days/ some have a discount if you buy the first time you go there, mine had this.

    My biggest tip is dont try on something you can’t afford, because if you then really love it, you will keep comparing to that one! 

  • Is it current or could you find it somewhere as a sample? I had a Ronald Joyce and I loved it, over budget😱  but my mum loved it so treated me! 😍😍

  • Go to wedding fairs too, often they have discounts x

  • I think the dress may be in your budget but alteration costs vary dramatically from shop to shop so I would suggest taking those costs into consideration when deciding which shop to order the dress from.

    I had a tonald Joyce satin dress which cost me £1102, I also loved a lace dress from the same designer which was an extra £100. The dress you like is pretty detailed so I would estimate £1200-£1350 but you’d have to phone shops to find out for sure.

  • I love this dress too. I have booked an appointment to try it on but when I asked for the cost they didnt get back to me! I’m embarrassed to ask again. I have emailed another shop who stock it to ask for a price. I did see a Ronald Joyce dress with similar floral detail but in a differnt dress style and it was over 2k. So I’m worried this one will be even more than that which I can’t afford! sorry I don’t know why the pic is the wrong way up. If I get a price I will let you know!



  • I tracked down a shop locally who has this dress. It is £1640. I am in scotland. Going to try it on sat 😊 x

  • I tried this on today (amazing) the bridal shop is selling this at £1,795...

  • Hello, I just bought this dress (it is amazing), it was £1.700 (with the veil as a gift lol).

    My dress arrives (to the salon in August), but due to some changes, I think, I will be selling this dress :(. But for just a bit lower price I have bought it for. I have got size 14.

    Any questions please ask. 


  • Girls did any of you get this dress? This is the dress I am going to get also and have got it at a good price today, (haven’t bought it yet but tried it on) It’s the ivory size 10 I’m going for x
  • Hi girls! I have the Ronald Joyce Nora dress, if someone wants it. I bought it new one month ago,  but I would have liked to obtain it from someone else at a good price as well, if I could.. So, in case someone has the same thoughts as I did before my wedding, please let me know. I would like to know that this beautiful dress makes someone else at least as happy as I was in it. Its blush pink shade is amazing! It is size 10 (fits 8 as well, as I am normally 8), in perfect condition. My email: [email protected]

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