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What kind of veil will suit my dress?

I know this has already been asked 1000 times already, but I’m really struggling to find a veil to suit my dress. When I chose it, I tried a few different veils on, but the shop didn’t have a massive selection and nothing seemed quite right. Fast forward a few months and I’m still no closer to finding a style that I think will suit the dress.

It has quite unusual lace so that rules out any ‘standard‘ floral type lace, and it doesn’t have a train so I think longer veils like cathedral length will look silly - correct me if I’m wrong! It doesnt have any beading (which I love) and just a few delicate sequins so that it twinkles. So, I think anything too glitzy, with lots of beading or gems, will look odd. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! P.S. my budget it very small and I’m looking to spend an absolute maximum of £60, which also greatly limits my options. 

Here is the dress for reference:



  • MrsS2019MrsS2019 Posts: 137 New bride

    With the detail of the back you want something simple, I'm guessing you tried a raw edge veil as pretty much all bridal shops stock them. Have you looked at a horsehair veil? Its a simple design and the horsehair that runs along the edge creates a flared affect. This is what I'm going with for my wedding as its the only one that I've instantly loved  

  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 162 New bride

    What a beautiful dress. I do think a lace edged veil would actually suit it quite well, if budget was unlimited I'd perhaps suggest a custom made edge to match, but with a lower budget maybe a single tier silk style veil so as not to hide the beautiful detail on the back?  You can get these for a reasonable price and I'm sure it would look lovely. Not sure about length, floor would look nice but perhaps waist if you wanted to go shorter so that it would stop where the back detailing stops?  I would def. try a few more on though  good luck x 

  • MrsS2019, I‘m Sure I must have tried a raw edge veil on but can’t particularly remember what I though of it. I’ve never heard of the horse hair before, I think I’ll have to try one of those on to see!

    Julia101, thank you, t’s very kind of you to say so! I did contact someone about a custom vieil but it would have ended by being £200 upwards (likely more with the type of lace needed to be used) so that’s just not an option :(

    Beth78, I can’t say I’ve really considered a birdcage veil. They just aren’t my style and I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing one! But I understand what you mean About not covering the back!

    What do you ladies think about a cape veil? I read a post on here about them, and thought they looked interesting. But I wasn’t sure if they’d detract from the dress as the ones I looked at has most of the detail in the back.

  • I'm not going to be much help here as I wouldn't really know what to do in your situation either and don;t really know much about veils, but I just had to say OOOOOOOHHHH MY GOODNESS THAT DRESS! Wow! What a statement! Love it! So unusual :)

    I do agree with Beth78 however on trying not to hide away the back detail as it's so lovely it would be a shame to cover it up! So maybe a really simple and sheer veil? I love the idea of the cape veils, think they look lovely, but again, would be worried that it might cover up the lovely back of your dress?

    Sorry I've probably more hindered than helped haha good luck! x

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  • I actually think a full length veil could work quite well provided it was simple. Sometimes having them cut off somewhere higher on the dress can hide the detail even more by creating almost a line across the back. How are you thinking of having your hair as that also affects where the veil will sit.

  • I had a dress somewhat similar in style to yours and went for a fingertip length veil. I chose one that was lightly dotted with Swarovski crystals so they just caught the light but didn’t look bling. It was very subtle. 

  • To be honest I wouldn't fuss too much about covering a little bit of the back as most brides only wear their veil during the ceremony, there'll be plenty of time to show off that incredible detail :) 

    I would personally go for an ivory chapel length veil (cathedral might be too long) either with a simple roll hem detail or maybe just some simple embroidery, small sequins or pearls???

    I dunno but my God that dress is just stunning.

  • LittleLottieJayne, I’m very concious about not covering the back up as that is the real statement element of the dress! I know that, as someone has said, I won’t be wearing my veil all day, but as this will be the first time the guests see the dress, I don’t want it to loose any of its impact. 


    Midd2Sturton, I’m not sure exactly how I’m having my hair. I am currently growing it out though as I’d like to have an updo. 


    Thanks all for the kind comments :)

  • This is no use at all for your question but your dress is BEAUTIFUL!!

  • my dress has a similar shape to yours and i wanted to show off the back too. I opted for a very sheer fingertip length drop veil. 

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    I would do a single tier plain in chapel length, something that is fine enough to see through. I would speak to Sian at Blossom & Bluebird if you havent already. Mostly though I would avoid an lace. You would struggle to match it so I dont think I would try, keep it plain :)

  • Thanks all! Lots of helpful advice :)

  • I agree with beth78 on the birdcage veil idea! I think the back of the dress is so beautiful it'd be a shame to hide it. Or if they're not your cup of tea, just something fairly plain and understated as the dress already makes such a statement. It's an absolutely stunning dress btw! Good choice

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    Beautiful dress!

    i think maybe a chapel length veil, sheer with a lace edge would look beautiful

    ive seen people mention on fb they used Lisa carrington for bespoke veils for around your budget and they’ve looked amazing. Might be worth a message x

  • Thanks Ambam, I’ll get in touched with her and see if she can help :) 

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