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Anyone bought their dress from wed2b? Or at least been in to try some on? 

Im on a budget! & although my mum has kindly said she'd buy my dress for me I think if I found something I liked at a bargain price she might be inclined to throw in my veil and shoes for me too, which would help massively! 

Some of the dresses I've seen on their website look really lovely, but of course I don't know how good quality they are without seeing them in person.

Are they cheap because they're not good quality? Or is it simply because you buy them off the rail rather than made to measure? Does the quality just vary depending on the dress you choose? Was they're a good selection of dresses and sizes in the actual boutiques?

thanks x



  • MrsS2b5MrsS2b5 Posts: 44

    Also, If anyone has bought their dress from wed2b I'd love to see some of your own pics of the dress! 

  • AwhelenqtAwhelenqt Posts: 856 New bride

    I didn't buy mine from there but I tried some on!

    The price is definitely not a reflection of the quality - the dresses were stunning and great quality. It's just that you can never guarantee what they'll have in day  to day in your size and you can't order anything in. But if you're happy to make a decision on the day and find a seamstress for the alterations then you're golden!


  • MrsS2b5MrsS2b5 Posts: 44

    Gorgeous dresses, all look good quality and like they fit really well, I'll definitely check wed2b out when I'm back in England. Do you need an appointment or can you just show up?

  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    I tried some on there, I found the quality was different to more expensive boutiques, however I didn’t find it was poor quality and if you can find something you love definitely worth going for! I would at least go and try them on. 

    As has been said, you have to try what they have in your size and also make the decision on that day, later on it may not be there. 

    My best piece of advice is dont try on anything anywhere if you can’t afford it. That way you will never be wishing you had chosen that dress. 

  • Zoe189Zoe189 Posts: 19

    I brought mine from there!!

    its amazing!! 

    the lady who helped me actually chose my perfect dress! I chose two and she chose one, the two I thought that was the style I wanted were horrendous and then she gave me mine and it was amazing! I’m really insecure and so negative about myself but they put me at ease and they are the kindest people I’ve ever met.

    she even matched me jacket so I could have a the sleeves and back I wanted, 

    my Personal experience was amazing and we went back and took the family and bridesmaids for the big reveal! It’s so clean and modern in there too!!

    my dress was £500 but all my accessories pushed it up a bit till so much cheaper!!

    deffo go and see! There has been so many new dresses since I went in and got mine!!

    lots of love and luck ❤️❤️❤️

  • MrsThimboMrsThimbo Posts: 222

    I got mine from Wed2B! Lots of choice, just walked in, no appointment needed, very friendly, not pushy, lovely experience. Oh, and most importantly, I LOVE my dress!

  • Tried dresses on but didn’t buy any. I’m plus size so the choice in there for me was quite limited and you dont know what they have in there and you can’t order in advance or anything. But the dresses I tried on were lovely quality and very reasonable prices. I ended up getting my dress from David’s Bridal simply because there was more choice for my body shape. 

  • Alana795Alana795 Posts: 5


    I bought my dress from there! I didn't find any difference in the quality from expensive bridal boutiques. 

    I got many compliments on my dress. It was beautiful. And the staff there were so lovely and helpful. I've recommended them to every bride to be I know! Here are some pictures of my dress  


    Hooe you find one you love! image

  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 222 New bride

    I'm also a Wed2b bride.

    I absolutely discounted my dress on the website it looked so cheap. Definitely check them out in person. It's good that you get to try lots of styles


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