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Which veil would you wear with this dress (and a flower crown)?

Hello everyone, 


I am a few weeks away from our wedding and still haven't decided on my veil :) 
We're going to gave a festival/boho wedding theme, but unfortunately the dress I have fallen in love with is not really a boho dress. I slightly regret it, but then again I love it so much that it should hopefully be fine. The whole lace/long sleeves thing looked a bit strange on me. 

I am now basically trying to make my dress look slightly more boho than it is. I will have a real flower crown. This is the dress


I feel like I'm terrible at combining things and make them look right. Even in normal life I find fashion amazing but very tricky, I don't seem to have the "eye". If anyone of you has the eye, I;d love to hear what you would combine this dress with, with a boho theme in mind. Especially what sort of veil could fit this that also goes with a flower crown :) 

Thanks so much in advance!


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride

    I also have no fashion eye, but my gut would be to suggest Blossom and Bluebird, she comes highly recommended from lots of brides on here and will make you a bespoke veil.


  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Just wanted to say I love your dress and I actually think it does look boho-y, just a more refined boho :D I also wanted a boho dress and wedding but somehow ended up with an very traditional english church wedding hahah!

    I would suggest a single tier floor length in soft english tulle (or french silk tulle if you want to splurge). These fall straight down but will 'billow' a bit as you walk or they catch a breeze, they do not stick out or around your head. Wear it at the lower part of the back of  your head. Because of your beadwork on the dress I would keep the veil plain.

    Something like this by Sian at Blossom & Bluebird (a very recommended veil maker on this site! Sje's fab) -

  • Elz2017Elz2017 Posts: 316

    That's a beautiful dress - and I think it is quite boho! Not surprised you fell for it!

    My first question would be - are you sure you want a veil? The 20s style of the dress would look amazing with a long, very simple tulle cape just attached at the top of the shoulders/possibly with a split to hang over upper arms. In the same colour tulle as the skirt of the dress?

    If you defo want a veil, I can see two ways it would work:

    A simple tulle veil over the flower crown, which I assume would be attached at the back so when you lift the veil it sits behind the flower crown at the front.


    Or a veil that doesn't cover your face, so is attached at the back and just hangs down.


    In all cases though, with that dress I'd go for very simple and sheer to reflect the skirt and make sure it doesn't conflict with the lovely detail at the top, and quite long. 

  • Barbie3Barbie3 Posts: 340 New bride

    gorgeous dress.

    I actually think any sort of veil will make it look LESS boho....

  • Nadine1301Nadine1301 Posts: 21 New bride

    Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone, there are some wonderful ones in there and I ordered a veil from Blossom & Bluebird :) 

    What a lovely lady and I can't wait. So amazed by all the different styling suggestions you've had as well, thanks a lot! It's a huge help :) 

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