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Is this acceptable wedding guest attire?


Ive got a summer packed with weddings and looking for a hard working dress to see me through them all and spied this: 


But it‘s white...albeit I think very if someone wore this to my wedding I would not bat an eyelid but I know everyone thinks differently and as a bride to be myself maybe I’m more conscious about these things. I’d style it similar to the model, dark shoes and bag - any thoughts? Probably one of those if you have to ask you already know the answer type things 



  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    I love the dress but personally I would find it too white for me, I tend to avoid all white, cream, anything in that colour 'family' just to be on the safe side (never know when an over emotional bride will notice!)

    I would however buy the dress to wear another time, it's lovely!

  • MissFelipeMissFelipe Posts: 33 New bride

    Yes I might just do that! And thanks I think sometimes you just need someone to confirm what you already know! 

    Such a minefield isn’t it? I’m very much in the so long as it’s not a wedding dress you can wear what you like as far as my wedding goes...and to be honest of all of the more ahem, memorable guest outfits ive ever seen not a single one has been white or crean 

  • I would wear this to a wedding, and I certainly wouldn't mind if my family or friends wore it.



  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride

    I always er on the side of caution with these things too and personally would avoid anything white or ivory. It wouldn’t annoy me but you never know! 

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  • MrsStoBe86MrsStoBe86 Posts: 10

    It's so pretty! I'm the same, if it was my wedding and someone wore this I probably wouldn't notice and definitely wouldn't mind but everyone's different I guess.. But definitely get it anyway because it's lovely :-) x

  • SpacepuffinSpacepuffin Posts: 664 New bride

    It’s lovely but too white for a wedding. I think most of us wouldn’t be bothered but it’s etiquette and it exists for a reason.

  • Mrs-17Mrs-17 Posts: 89 New bride

    Its a beautiful dress and I think it’s fine for a wedding! I think this time of year there are so many floral dresses on a white or cream background, if you do go for it youre almost definitely not going to be the only one wearing one! Id make sure I accessorised with a bright colour though.

  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 975 New bride

    I'd wear it.  It doesn't even vaguely resemble a wedding dress, so not sure why anyone would be offended.  It's a versatile piece too - you could change up the colour of your shoes, handbag, add a coloured cardigan or jacket, etc.

  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    I wouldn't mind if you wore this to my wedding personally but mum is actually wearing a floral dress with a white background although I think the pattern is more bold than yours. She has paired hers with dusty pink to take away from the white.

    I also wore a nude dress with a white lace over the top to a wedding last year. I didn't even consider that it wasn't appropriate as it wasn't just white and was far from a wedding dress! 

    I'd buy it and decide closer to if you want to wear it or not... maybe some of your brides are more easy going than others? 

  • CFWCFW Posts: 234

    sorry white is a definite no-no for a wedding! it is etiquette to not wear some colour as  bride! Lots of other colours to choose from! 

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