Incorrectly measured - my rights?


i appreciate that this topic has been touched upon in other threads, but I wondered if anyone has had a similar experience to mine or is able to offer any specific advice?

Our wedding is in three weeks (7july). 

My dress finally arrived last Wednesday - and it is almost 10cm too short, too small at the waist and pulls in all sorts of directions. I have not changed weight since being measured 3 months ago and of course I haven't suddenly grown 10 cm or had my shoulder bones shrink etc.!

The designer does not do second fittings due to the stretch lace material used - they take your measurements and that's it. £3000 dress, 5 star reviews, and a well known design house so I felt quite confident in their abilities.

I was reassured by the assistant who measured me that the dress would fit perfectly (as I imagine they always say).

Now it's here- it's not the case at all. It is too short to wear - swining around my ankles. And doesn't fit elsewhere either. The customer service team sent me a video on how to measure myself and asked me to re-supply my measurements& heel height. It was then that the discrepancy in all measurements taken by the showroom assistant became apparent. (I was told not to go back in to the showroom as the staff are not seamstresses and would not help me. It seems a bit crazy to get me measuring myself though- it's not exactly a budget dress at £3000 is it??)

I'm so disappointed and concerned as to whether they can turn another dress around - presumably not within 2 weeks.

I am waiting to hear back from them - but very stressed about it.

Could anyone offer any advice on my consumer rights?

i paid for the dress in the showroom, after the measurements were taken and the order sent off. The assistant said to relax, it would fit and all I needed to do was look out for a confirmation email from their production team and provide my heel height - which I did. Then wait for delivery info in June.

looking back- that confirmation email listed all the measurements taken by the shop assistant and in small print it says that you may want to remeasure yourself or check the info. Is that a legitimate clause?! Obviously having been measured by a professional, and having been told i didnt need to do anything further - alongside all the glowing reviews and recommendations, I moved on with wedding prep.

Now we've established that the assistant submitted all sorts of incorrect details for me (pretty much everything was out by 2 to 9cm) - but I had already paid before the email arrived and went on the verbal agreement/advice of their staff - what are my rights?

Even if I request a replacement I cant imagine they will have time to produce it and ship it in time.

If not, can I demand a refund? 

Even if I get one where will I find a replacement dress - this only happens once and I would have but a week to find something special and get it fitted. It feels impossible...I realise I can not afford to be so vain and would need to just wear anything that fits, has anyone found a dress in a week? Any tips?

has anyone (unfortunately) experienced anything similar?

Any advice or support would be so greatly appreciated at this point.

i have not said who the brand are here- as I am still discussing the issue with their team and would like to give them a chance to act before I say anything punishing!



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    Oh it GLL?

    I would start looking at off the peg dresses from Monsoon, Wed2Be, Debenhams, Phase Eight etc and order a few - even if they do get a new dress to you, you'll want a standby in case the second one isn't right either.

    Consumer rights wise - they didn't provide the product agreed so I'd assume you would be entitled to a refund.

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    In terms of getting a new dress off the peg would be your only option really. There's a bridal shop near me that sells old samples (stocking maggie sottero, kenneth winston etc) in amazing condition, they have sizes ranging from 6 to 24 I believe. Where about's are you based as I could give you details of it. Other shops you could try would be wed2b and have a look on google to see if there are any discount bridal boutiques near you.

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    Firstly, I'm so sorry to hear this, it must be heartbreaking for you so close to the wedding.  Priorities though - sort your new dress out first.  Whilst you don't have enough time to order a new one, don't rule out bridal shops - ring around your local area and speak to them and explain your situation.  If they can help they will (they all like to think they can help a damsel in distress and save the day with one of their samples).  A lace up back probably won't need too many alterations, but you will need to find a good seamstress who is also willing to help at such short notice.

    With regards to the shop, I would say they have possibly done enough to cover themselves (legally not morally) as you were given the measurements in writing.  Before stressing over consumer rights etc, just speak to them and ask what they intend to do.  They may (fingers crossed) feel bad and just issue a full refund, they may not.  I guess it all depends on how they value their customer service x

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    I had an issue with my wedding dress being faulty, which only occured on my wedding day so there was nothing I could do about it. I had A LOT of problems with the dress shop afterwards, mainly because they don't need repeat business so their customer service can be a bit sh*t. I think you need to make it clear to them you hold them responsible and they are in breach of contract. Make it very clear now that they need to fix this as if you are laid back or polite they will see it as weakness. You paid for a service and part of that service was them measuring you. If you pay for a dress made specifically to your measurements they have to accept responsibility for providing the correct measurements. Don't let them think you will accept any blame as they can be slippery.

    I think you have been really respectful not naming the shop or brand but I would esculate it to the brand now. They need to know such a huge cock up has happened with one of their suppliers, and ultimately the bridal shop is just the middle man. Go direct to them, send them pictures of you in the gown demonstrating it does not fit and ask them to help you. My advice would be to kick up a stink. 

    Depending where you are in the country, I have a friend who owns her own wedding dress shop who is a genius and more than capable of adjusting something in time for you. She is based out of Romsey, Hampshire, if that will be any help feel free to DM me and I will get her involved for you.

    Kick up a fuss but don't panic.... It will work out!! 

  • Thanks for your help and advice here ladies! I was so grateful for your support I thought I'd update on the outcome, and in case anyone else reading this happens to be in a similar position! I got a refund from Grace Loves Lace (Inca design) the week after my wedding. 

    GLL had various other off the peg full price designs to offer me but they couldn't be fitted to my measurements etc. At the last minute they decided they could remake the original dress and deliver it the day I was leaving for the venue but wouldn't accept any responsibility if it didn't fit or didn't arrive in time - I obviously declined not wanting to potentially throw away £3000, and out of principal having been treated like I was just buying a £20 tshirt.

    Whilst 'friendly', they barely apologised and I had to constantly badger them to get an answer on the possibility of a remake/replacement - calling Australia in the middle of the night... If they had cared and been more proactive in dealing with the situation I could have had a replacement dress it seems. They just didn't seem to care about my custom or the position they had left me in until it was too late, and even then it was only Luke warm. Just beware brides to be...

    On a positive note - it was surprising how many people were able to help last minute - almost all stores I called offered me an array of dresses off the peg with alterations- I went with a Rue de Seine number from the wedding club in Birmingham (lovely staff!) - fitted and taken home within a few days. For reference, Rue d Seine is also so much better quality than the gll dresses too (thats not a bitter comment- just a fact!). Thanks again for the advice of those who posted xxx

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