where to get a custom made wedding dress

Is it possible to make a custom wedding dress within 1000USD? I have limited budget, but I do hope I can make my gown special...


  • emma892emma892 Posts: 5

    of course it's possible,you could custom your wedding dress on lunss, they can make the wedding dress you want within 1000USD,and they have a special offer recently,you can check it out 

  • sophie345sophie345 Posts: 8

    You can get great info at bridals.pk

  • Do you mean bespoke (ie a completely original design unique to you?) Or just custom size, ie to your exact measurements, not a standard dress size)?

    You can get custom size a LOT cheaper than $1K on eBay etc, made in China. I have had dresses made there. My dress for our vow renewal was £35 (about $55) plus £25 delivery. Unlike the other two custom size dresses I had ordered in the past (one in China, one in Thailand), this didn't fit like a glove. I had to have the one shoulder strap made tighter and the length shortened, but I had that done at a local dress alterations place and it was £25. I am now more than happy with it.

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