Pricing used wedding dress?

Hi all,


im thinking of selling my dress. It was bought new for almost £1500 and i know i wont get anywhere close to that, which is fine. Ideally i would have liked to donate it but my parents very generously bought my dress and id love to give them some money back. 

I suppose my question is, how do you know what to list for? i recently sold my hair vine and think i couldve got almost double for what i sold it for (which is fine, its better than nothing but the margin of error in getting the best price is much higher with a dress). 

The dress itself has been altered with the sides being brought in a bit, back taken in etc (but nothing i imagine a seamstress couldnt change back). The major change to it was that there was a plunging neckline with mesh material which i removed and had lace fitted in to instead. I obviously personally prefer it that way and think it makes for a nicer dress, but am aware someone buying may not. do i know how much to list it for? 

And has anyone had or heard of anyone having good luck with a sale on particular sites? 

Thanks in advance :) 

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