Autumn/Winter Wedding Shoe Dilemma!

So i'm getting married on the 24th November. I need to find some wedding shoes before my first dress fitting on the 14th August. Having spent some time yesterday trawling the shops in my local city, it's proving difficult to find any shoes that will be suitable for the time of year. 

My dress is satin and there are lots of lovely satin shoes around online, but I worry that with the high chance of rain, that this would ruin them.

Does anyone have any good websites or suggestions of alternatives? I have seen some white ankle boots but i'm not keen. 


  • I’m also getting married in November and opted for boots because it could rain but also don’t want to get cold feet (excuse the pun 😂)! 

    Theres are few online places that sell boots: (these are quite expensive though)

    If you did want to wear something a little more ‘bridal’ or expected You could always get the satin shoes for indoors and buy some trainers or wellies for when you’re outside. 

  • Ozzy2bOzzy2b Posts: 143

    I‘m getting married in November and planning to walk across a city centre from the venue to the reception so have prioritised practical but pretty shoes! I don’t wear heels and live in trainers so I have ivory satin Converse with ribbon laces and a pair of Butterfly Twists flats with glitter - weather may dictate the choice but both are waterproof 😊

  • Date twin!

    I'm wearing converse personalised with the date and satin laces. But I'm 100% not a heels kinda gal never mind into shoes so it works for me!

  • Moore2beMoore2be Posts: 66 New bride

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm not really into shoes that much, I usually only wear small-mid heels for going out and flats at work. As my dress is floor length I am tempted to just go quite cheap and that way I won't mind if they do get wet, no-one is going to see them anyway is my thought process! 

    I shouldn't have to do too much walking outside all things being well but funnily enough my OH suggested wellies for that bit and different shoes for the rest of the day. 


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