Regrets if no veil?

So I spent I lot of time looking at dresses and tried on approx 50 in total and finally settled on my dream dress...it’s not what I imagined but definitely everything I wanted! When trying on dresses they would also put the veil on to let me see the whole look but not once did I get the whole veil thing....I don’t think the train of my dress would even look right with a long veil and the shorter ones just looked silly on me and I felt a bit fancy dress ish...the problem I have (and kicking myself for being i fluenced by other people) is the look of disappointment/disapproval/confusion whenever I say I don’t think I want a veil...anyone else get this? I always had boho bridal style in mind and just dont see veil with this! Here’s my train....any thoughts/ advice/words of wisdom? 



  • I don’t want nor am I having a veil. Anything in my opinion (although I know others will be different) that is just for the ceremony just doesnt warrant being spent on to be honest. If im spending that much on the day I want it to be worth the whole day and a veil wouldn’t be. Plus it’s not very me and as you say can look silly :) 

    you do you and if it’s not for you, no one will remember that you didn’t wear one 

  • Sarah1609Sarah1609 Posts: 80

    I think you should do what you feel is right... who is to tell whats the norma or what you should wear... i love the train on your dress by rhe way..

    on the other hand your wedding will be the one and only occasion in your life when you can wear a veil... just depends on how importaint it is to you...

    lg and good luck

  • rammgeistrammgeist Posts: 62

    I'm not having a veil. I feel like if I did then I would take it off as soon as the reception started. I tried some on and their just in the way! If you feel that you don't want to distract from your dress then don't have one. Don't let other people opinions take over YOUR wedding :)

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,137 New bride

    I totally get the boho vibe from the pattern on your train. You do you. If you don’t want one don’t wear one. It’s only you who has to live with regret either way - you don’t want to look back in pics and regret going for something you didn’t truly want - try and ignore other people. I always think flowers in the hair is lovely if you don’t have a veil. 

  • There is no rule that you have to wear a veil and hasn't been for years. Also with a lovely back to your dress it might distract. I have also never heard anyone say they regretted not wearing one.

    Anything goes nowadays and that is wonderful. Tiaras, pins, jewelled bun holders, hats, fascinators, flowers, hairbands, pearls or diamante dotted in the hair... You have what You want. Don't let pushy sales staff try to persuade you to pay a lot of money for something you don't want. They may be on commission. I know I was when I worked in bridalwear.

  • SarahN83SarahN83 Posts: 16

    Your train is absolutely stunning!

    Don't bow to pressure! It's your day and you should only have what you are comfortable with. 

    I have gotten this reaction from everyone when I said I am not doing fake tan for my wedding! - everyone except hubby to be thankfully! 

  • Kate296Kate296 Posts: 1 New bride

    I'm not having a veil. I tried some on and they were lovely, but they didn't feel very 'me'. And like you, my dress has a gorgeous back/train which I didn't want to cover up! I think my Mum's a little disappointed that I'm not having one but I have some lovely silk flowers for my hair instead, which I'm really excited about.

    Definitely go with what you feel is right for you - it's your wedding! I don't think you'll regret going with whatever makes you happiest. :)

  • MissFelipeMissFelipe Posts: 33 New bride

    Thanks folks, I feel better now...so cross with myself for being influenced as I swore I would just do whatever I bloody wanted πŸ˜‚ might go back to my tactic of revealing as little detail as possible to those that ask to avoid the inevitable well meant but sometimes negative opinions πŸ˜€

  • MrsB2020MrsB2020 Posts: 51 New bride

    That train is STUNNING! I agree with everyone above, you shouldnt feel obliged to. If you’re still unsure, you could either try a veil when you go for a fitting or buy a really cheap one off eBay to see what it looks like.

    p.s. I would love to know what designer made your dress!!

  • MissFelipeMissFelipe Posts: 33 New bride

    MrsB2020 - it’s the Arrow gown by Rue de Seine...they have some amazing dresses!

  • MrsB2020MrsB2020 Posts: 51 New bride
    MissFelipe wrote (see post):

    MrsB2020 - it’s the Arrow gown by Rue de Seine...they have some amazing dresses!

    I love it! 😍

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