Bedding in shoes

When do you think you will start wearing your bridal shoes to get them comfortable? I think I was quite lucky at our wedding and church blessing because I first wore the shoes only on the day and it was OK.

I don't want to risk it again for the vow renewal though. A lot of my stuff is already at my mum's, but I delibrately kept to shoes here to bed them in.

Will you wear yours just at home, or outside too? I'm thinking that, provided there's no sign of rain, I might pop to the local cafe or mini supermarket in them. I don't really wear shoes indoors or find it comfortable to do so.

Oh and when I first wore my wedding shoes all those years ago, although they didn't hurt, I found them slippery in the tights, and the soles were slippery too, which I'd never have though of. I remember slipping and sliding to the hairdresser and back. I had to scuff the soles about a bit to get them to grip.


  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    I'm starting to wear mine when h2b is at work now but with thick fluffy socks (so not the weather for it!) So I'm only wearing them in the house for now. The backs are really stiff and if I took the socks off they would cut my ankles. I may wear them out abit once they don't hurt me now you have mentioned they slipping! I'd not thought of that, my only worry is getting them dirty as I'll have all 3 kids with me! 


    I forgot to add that I get married in 7 weeks x

  • Leigh83Leigh83 Posts: 112 New bride

    I wore mine when I was performing in a concert recently. They went with the colour theme of the concert (And I'll be having them dyed before the wedding). But I thought I prob a my won't get much wear out of them otherwise.

    My feet absolutely killed by the end of the night! But I figure on the wedding day I'll be sitting down sometimes. And walking around rather than just standing still for 2 hours at a time. And it was the first time I'd worn them for longer than 5 minutes.

  • Kitty12Kitty12 Posts: 119 New bride

    For about 2 months before I kept intending to wear them around the house, and I’d do it for an hour or so, take them off, and then totally forget to wear them again for about a fortnight.

    In the end I bought a pair of flats for the evening, my dress was so big you couldn’t see my shoes anyway 

  • I wore mine to my H2B's graduation late last month. I'm glad I did because I now know that they rub the top of my toes when I walk a distance and a bit sore on the balls of my feet so I know to pad the top strap with a couple plasters and get some party feet! lol 

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