Dress too short!!! Help.


Hi everyone! I went for my second wedding dress fitting last night and while I still love it, the tailor has taken up the grey silk slip underneath too much at the back, so bot only is it too short but it’s uneven! Longer at the sides where the bias cut hem is and a different length again at the front and back. He says he took the whole slip up the same amount (as it was draping on the floor before) and it’s my body shape that’s making it come up (ie I have a massive bottom?!!!). One option was to take the whole thing up to the shortest length but this would be far too short almost to my ankles. The second option is to have some material that was left over added back but as it is silk surely this will leave a noticeable line at the bottom? He is also charging us for extra alterations which I am not happy about at all. What should I do?!! Unfortunately didn’t take a picture just of the slip but here is a pic of how short it would be if all taken up underneath. Not so bad standing still but is when I walk...


  • Were you wearing heels when the dress was altered? If so, I think the best option would be to wear flats/ a small heel so that it’s not too short. But please go to a diffrent seamstress to get a second opinion. 

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    I'm not sure the line in the silk would be too noticable because of the tulle, if you wanted it added back. 

    It's hard to tell without a full length picture but it doesn't look mega short on you. Love the colour.

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    Yes I was wearing the same heels both times so I am not sure how it could have been taken up too much. I have left the dress with the bridal shop and their in-house tailor and as the alterations have already cost so much an alternative seamstress isn’t an option. I don’t want to change my shoes as they weren’t cheap either and are a beautiful grey colour from Jessica Simpson. Thank you, yes the dress is a lovely colour! Just disappointed at my fitting. 

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