Has anyone ever been barred from a bridal shop?

I have been wedding dress shopping today and had such an awful experience. After trying on a couple of dresses and not being impressed with any of them, the shop manageress said she had a dress upstairs that had been delivered to her by mistake and she was going to send back but sounded just like what I was looking for so did I want to try it on. when I saw it, I loved it and so tried it on and really really liked it. She said if I bought it today she would give me 10% off and any alterations would be free also. But as she was sending the dress back on Monday, I would not be able to try it on again. I was determined not to be pressurised into buying the dress until I was certain as it was £1,100 so asked her if she could tell me who the designer was and the name of the dress style so I could perhaps find another stockist as I didn't want to buy it without trying ot on again. She would not give it to me, told me that I if I wanted to buy it, I should ring her and ask her to order 'the dress from upstairs' as I would not be able to find the dress anywhere else in the UK and that if any other shops had given me designer and dress styles they would have lied to me so I couldn't go and buy it from anywhere else. I know this is not true and so questioned her reasoning and she turned round and told me that she would not sell me the dress so I had lost 'my dress' and told me to leave the shop. After insulting all girls from Leicester saying that they couldn't afford dresses over £350 which is why she only has one dress worth over £1000 in the shop (which was a lie) she turned to my mum and said 'don't ever bring her in here again as I won't let her in. I am not going to sell one of my dresses to her ' ....I was so disguted and speechless and still cannot believe it. The only explanation I have got is that her business is doing badly and she really needed the sale. I wouldn't go back there ever. Has anyone else had such a traumatising experience in a bridal shop?


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    Hi SJ,

    Your experience sounds appalling! I have never had an experience like that but I would be fuming as going for your dress is supposed to be a joyful, happy and exciting time. What did your mum say?

    How about naming and shaming so as to warn other B2Bs not to go there?

    Please do not lose heart - there are plenty of great bridal shops out there that will make you feel like a princess and bend over backwards for you!


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    Oh my god!!!!!!

    That is bang out of order!!!! How did you refrain from dotting her one. In fact, we should ALL go down together and tell her WHAT FOR!!!

    I'm so mad. I can't imagane how you feel, probably amazed that someone can treat you that way! Please tell us what shop it is so I NEVER go in there (or I might just go in there and spend 5 hours and buy nothing!!!).

    Not one shop I've been in is like that. Most bridal shop owners have the best customer service. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you.

    I've calmed down now.

    Lisa xxxxxx hug!
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    I went to a wedding a few weeks back where the bride had had a bad experience at a shop in Leicester as well. From her attitude it sounds like it could be the same woman as she told this bride she couldn't try any of her accessories on with her dress as she hdn't bought them from there, and after loads of other hassle turned round and said she wouldn't deal with her anymore 2 weeks before the wedding meaning she had to find someone else to alter it at the last minute!

    Definitely name and shame. If the woman has an attitude like that she's in the wrong business!
  • Thanks for your support everyone, I will try not to lose faith!!!

    The shop is Eternal Bride, Aylestone Road, Leicester. They don't have a website to check which designers they stock but I am toying with the idea of asking one of my friends to ring them next week and ask them so I can then trawl through their websites to see if I can find it. I am so fuming that I might even send a letter to our local evening newspaper.

    If you live in Leicester, I would stay well away.
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    Too right! please send a letter.

    You wouldn't get treated like that in PRIMARK for god sake.

    My best advise is to book your next dress appointment asap to get over it.

    All the best LisaM xxx

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    What a shame she doesn't have a website that we can bombard with comments!!!!
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    If you google Eternal Bride, Leicester, there's a few designers that come up, which are stocked in that shop, e.g. Linzi Jay and Loulou bridalwear.

    Maybe you can look through the designers website and see if the dress is on there?
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    get one of your bridesmaids same size as you, to go in and pretend she is looking to buy a wedding dress,get her to wangle her way in to trying the dress on.

    describe the dress i will have a scour on the net for you!
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    She sounds horrible! I know if that had happened to me i would be feeling dreadful, but i guess that ultimately it's her loss because you're not going to get your dress from there and neither's anyone else who reads this thread. I just hope you have better luck next time.

    Anyway, if the dress had been delivered to her by mistake, and needed to be returned, what right did she have to try to sell it, and at 10% discount too? Sounds like one big, dodgy con.
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    I'm with jo704, it sounds like a con. I bet if you did get a girlfriend to go in the shop and describe the dress she would give her the same 'dress upstairs' story. In fact I'd be tempted to go back in the shop to see if she recognised you and give her what for! Shame they don't have a website tho, I would've got great glee from telling her why I'm not buying a dress from her (even though I live nowhere near Leicester!!).

    Don't be disheartened though sj, it just means that when you eventually do find the dress (which I'm v sure you will, there aren't many designers that can soley afford to sell dresses to one shop in Leicester!) it will mean so much more!

    Let us know how you go on.
  • What a shame that this woman was so horrible. I have been to three places and they have all been lovely.

    I agree that it sounds like a bit of a con, but HOW RUDE??!!!

    I hope noone shops there ever again!

    Good luck finding the dress - definitely try sending a friend in...
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    Do the dresses have a label inside with design number on etc? I'm making my own so haven't tried any on.... but was appalled by your story and think it was pressure selling at its worst.

    Maybe try as the others say, to get someone else in who wants the same thing and if they try it on they could look for a label etc to help you.

    I'd also write to the local paper... as she sounds terrible!

    Kathy x
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    ooh how awful! i would write to trading standards i,m quite sure they can't do that. I think it would be fantastic if there was a 'Name Them and Shame Them' website where we could list traders who try and make brides to be lives miserable by over charging them and being rude. you get them for hotels why not for wedding shops!
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    Hi SJ

    I thought I was the only person who has had a bad experience in a bridal shop but it sounds like you got it a lot worse than me.

    I wanted to try on a Benjamin Roberts dress and I couldn't find it in the city where I live. I found out that a shop in Dundee (where my mum lives) stocks them so I went home for the weekend. When I walked into the shop I showed the lady a picture of the dress and she said they didn't stock it. However, we had an hour and a half appointment so I thought I'd look at some other dresses as I quite liked a few in the Benjamin Roberts collection. We were directed into the sales room which had rails crammed full of white / ivory dresses still in their polythene protective covers. I was completely overawed so I asked her to help me (it was the very first shop I visited). She said I had to pick out some to try on. I asked her where specific sizes were, where the Benjamin Roberts dresses were, and then told her I was getting married abroad so asked her if she had any lighter weight dresses. NONE of these questions could she answer. After 10 minutes I was almost in tears sifting through the polythene (very difficult to see styles under all that plastic). She then reluctantly looked out four dresses- all in size 8 or smaller (I'm a 12 to 14) and all of which zipped up the back so I couldn't even corset myself into them. She handed me the dresses and pointed me towards a changing room (the kind of service you would expect in a high street shop but not when your trying on wedding gowns at around £1000).

    The result of it was that I attempted to try on one then walked out in a rage and in tears after around 20 minutes. It nearly put me off shopping for good but luckily went to three more places after that where the service was impeccable. And I finally got my dress (and it's not even by Benjamin Roberts;\))

    So don't worry if you've had one bad experience as the majority of shops are lovely. It is nice to have a rant sometimes to let off steam isn't it?

    Happy shopping for your dream dress

  • hi sj sorry 2 hear u had bad service.had a couple of shops with attituide,tried a shop in glasgow 4 my 2 girls age 6 and 11- 2 be told only 1 dress would suit or fit their age group and that there was not really any choice,think when told a price of£199 4 my 11 year old that at least get a choice of styles...well the 6 year old then took a tantrum and told her,her dresses were yuk and she was going 2 go 2 another shop where the dresses were lovely...image
  • I've not yet started looking as H2B only proposed a couple of weeks ago. However, my cousin had fantastic service at the shops she went to. After the wedding, the shop had the dress dry cleaned for her at no extra charge & packed it into a box for her. It looks like brand new.

    Don't lose heart - there is a much better dress in a different shop, with better service!!
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    Hi Charis, I have also been looking in Glasgow and had a few bad/disappointing experiences. Where have you been to? Did you get your wedding dress in glasgow?
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    Hi everyone!

    Sorry to hear about the bad experiences. Dress buying is supposed to be fun!

    I recommend trying some of the local bridal shops. I've certainly found the staff to be more friendly than in a lot of the city centre shops. And often they are more reasonably priced both for the dresses and the alterations! I've found my dream dress in my local bridal shop and they've never made me feel bad in there. I've not had any experiences as bad as the ones you've all had but in the city shops I've always felt the looked down their noses as me as a) my budget wasn't huge and b) I wasn't a size 8!

    Jo x
  • That's an awful experience and enough to put you off, but, as others have said, keep at it and i'm sure you'll find a nicer shop with friendlier people, there must be one somewhere on the law of averages!
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    I agree with what a few have said, I would report her to trading standards and possibly letting the suppliers that she stocks what she is doing etc.

    I used to work in retail and the customer is the most important person there is. Without them no one would get paid.
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